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Ivan Lo is the editor and founder of and The Equedia Weekly Letter, an online publication focused on investing in mining and resource stocks. With over 65,000 subscribers of high net worth investors, brokers, analysts and fund managers, The Equedia Weekly Letter has become one of Canada's most trusted investment newsletters, providing information on stocks that have earned returns of over 100%. As a result of his performance, Lo now works closely with brokers, money managers and industry reporters to bring them new ideas and insights on the market.

Recent Interviews

How to Be an (Educated) Optimist: Ivan Lo on the Enduring Value of Gold and Silver (5/24/13)

Do you follow your own advice? Ivan Lo, editor and founder of and The Equedia Weekly Letter, does. Lo doesn't just follow companies in the gold and silver space, he actually paused this interview with The Gold Report to receive a shipment of silver bars. Following the notion that "knowledge is power," Lo also explains the philosophies that guide his publications, the reasons why educated investors have nothing to fear from the dip in the gold price and why some companies remain good bets in the out-of-favor mining sector.

Mining Equity Bargains Abound, But Buy with Care: Ivan Lo (7/13/12)

It may look as if almost any mining stock you see these days is a bargain just waiting to be plucked. While most stocks have seen major drops from their highs and some are showing significant price turns, others have more downside left and a few just won't make it to the next market peak. Ivan Lo, publisher of The Equedia Weekly Letter, takes both a macro view of market and economic conditions and then carefully studies the specifics of each stock he decides to follow or acquire. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Lo talks about the critical factors that can separate a mega-winner from a rollback candidate and talks about some of his favorite names.

Recent Quotes

"Data from a new study involving men with localized high-risk prostate cancer suggests that the use of DXD's TeloView may be a promising blood-based treatment-response biomarker in prostate cancer patients."

— Ivan Lo, Equedia Letter (1/9/17)
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"R will have lots of exploration results coming, which could help boost share prices even if gold trades sideways."

— Ivan Lo, Equedia Letter (1/8/17)
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"We rarely see DXD's type of talent, bandwidth, and opportunity in a junior with such a small market cap."

— Ivan Lo, Equedia Investment Research (11/6/16)
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"ML is smack in the middle of a huge trend, with an asset that has all the earmarks of a strong lithium project."

— Ivan Lo, Equedia Letter (9/19/16)
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"RD is fully funded for production and exploration, it controls the high-grade Vetas asset and it's extremely undervalued compared to peers."

— Ivan Lo, The Equedia Weekly Letter (5/1/16)
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"NMI continues to make new organic growth discoveries with high grades."

— Ivan Lo, The Equedia Letter (9/27/15)
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"URZ is up over 60% since November 21, 2013, and the sector explosion is just starting to heat up."

— Ivan Lo, The Equedia Weekly Letter (1/19/14)
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"URZ shouldn't have an issue getting its loan approved."

— Ivan Lo, Equedia Letter (12/1/13)
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