Sector Expert: Ian McAvity

Deliberations on World Markets

Image: Ian McAvity

It is with great sadness that The Gold Report bids farewell to longtime contributor Ian McAvity, who passed away Mar. 16, 2016. A lifelong gold enthusiast, he was a founder and director of the Central Fund of Canada, a director of Central GoldTrust, and the president and CEO of Duncan Park Holdings Corp. McAvity produced the well-regarded "Deliberations on World Markets" since 1972. He will be missed.

Recent Interviews

Ian McAvity: Is Greed Good for Gold? (11/30/11)

Amid a chorus of gold mining pundits yelling for investors to snap up cheap gold equities is Ian McAvity, a 50-year veteran of the markets, telling investors to wait. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, McAvity, who produces Deliberations on World Markets, explains why historical cycles lead him to believe the market is in for some new lows and what that means for the gold price and the juniors seeking out that shiny metal.

Silver Summit Report: Three Investment Approaches to the Volatile Metal (10/21/11)

For this special report from the Cambridge House Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington, The Gold Report caught up with three silver investing experts: James Turk, chairman of GoldMoney; Andrew Kaip, vice president of Precious Metals & Mining at BMO Capital Markets; and Ian McAvity, a writer at Deliberations on World Markets. While the three didn't all agree on why silver acts the way it does, they all said that it belongs in some form in a diversified portfolio—but only for those who can handle volatility.

Ian McAvity: Be Careful What You Wish for (11/15/10)

The Gold Report caught up with Deliberations on World Markets Writer Ian McAvity between sessions at the 36th New Orleans Investment Conference, held October 2730. In fact, Ian was among the experts featured on the conference agenda, graphically updating his big-picture expectations for stocks, gold and the dollar. He continues here in that vein in this Gold Report exclusive.

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