Ian Parkinson


Ian Parkinson is an analyst with Stifel GMP. He joined the GMP mining research team in November 2012 and has been a sellside mining analyst since 2006. He joined the analyst community after a successful 10-year career in industry with Falconbridge and Noranda. During Parkinson's time in industry he worked on a wide range of exploration, development and commercial interests, which include the Craig and Onaping depth discovery, Raglan mine, Lady Loretta and business development for the zinc business unit at Noranda. Parkinson is an earth science graduate of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, where he was born and raised in a mining family.

Recent Quotes

"TLG agreed to sell noncore land claims to Sayona for CA$40M."

— Ian Parkinson, Stifel (11/16/22)
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"TLG came out with excellent metallurgical results on Southwest."

— Ian Parkinson, Stifel (6/28/22)
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"TLG transformed what was classified as waste to resource grade rock."

— Ian Parkinson, Stifel (5/12/21)
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"UrbanGold adds 35,100 ha to TLG's existing 107,300 ha."

— Ian Parkinson, Stifel (3/23/21)
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"More drill results increased the strike of TLG's Southwest by 25%."

— Ian Parkinson, Stifel (3/16/21)
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"Fine tuning of TLG's PEA could improve the pit economics."

— Ian Parkinson, Stifel (2/9/21)
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"TV's costs and metals prices should lead to solid cash flow in 2018."

— Ian Parkinson, GMP Securities (1/15/18)
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"We remain bullish on the zinc price; TV has a strong torque to it."

— Ian Parkinson, GMP Securities (10/17/17)
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