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Tan Khandaker

Khandaker Morgan Group Inc.

Tan Khandaker is principal and executive managing director of Khandaker Morgan Group, Inc. He has more than 10 years’ experience as an independent advisor to various funds, PE and investment banks. He also founded Roushan Khandaker Group—a boutique small-cap equities research firm—and managed it for eight years. He received his MD from Mitford Medical College, Dhaka. He has previously worked in medicine and in academia.

Recent Interviews

Tan Khandaker: Hedging Strategies to Underpin Rising Gold Price (10/27/10) Managing Director Tan Khandaker, of New York-based Khandaker Morgan, thinks gold hedging strategies by large funds will underpin a rising gold price at least for the next few years and perhaps beyond. Tan also sees junior gold companies as the best way to leverage rising gold prices. Khandaker Morgan has built an index of junior miners with near-term catalysts for growth, and it's up about 15% since March. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Tan presents some of his favorite names from his exclusive index.

Recent Quotes

"will continue to add more ounces; in a good situation" (10/27/10) Queenston Mining Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Tan Khandaker More >

"not a producer yet, but J. Paulson & Co. gold fund has invested in the company" (10/27/10) NOVAGOLD - The Gold Report Interview with Tan Khandaker More >

"Paymaster West could be a homerun for VG" (10/27/10) Lexam VG Gold Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Tan Khandaker More >

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