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Rodney Stevens, CFA, is a registered representative and portfolio manager at Wolverton Securities Ltd. Since 2001, Stevens has worked in the mining securities industry, initially as an investment analyst with Salman Partners Inc. Stevens became a top-rated analyst by StarMine on July 17, 2007, for the metals and mining industry based on the profitability of stock recommendations and the accuracy of earnings estimates, generating an excess return of 7.9% over the corresponding industry benchmark.

Recent Interviews

A Short Seller's Investment Guide to Obama's Climate Change Initiatives (7/16/13)

"Regulation" is a dirty word among many investors, but for speculators like Rodney Stevens, portfolio manager at Wolverton Securities Ltd. and author of The Disciplined Speculator newsletter, state-mandated emissions caps and renewable energy goals present an extraordinary opportunity for growth. In this interview with The Energy Report, Stevens makes a bullish case for solar stocks and offers several names for traders playing offense or defense. Whatever your strategy, Stevens says get the heck out of bonds and into equities.

How to Speculate on Precious Metals Without Gambler's Ruin: Rodney Stevens (11/14/12)

Rodney Stevens, portfolio manager at Wolverton Securities, believes investors speculating in precious metals must be disciplined to avoid gambler's ruin. While "disciplined speculation" may seem like a contradiction, it is key to Stevens' approach. Through both technical analysis and fundamental analysis, and a careful read of intermediate trends, Stevens has developed a concentrated portfolio of precious metal companies held both long and short. In this Gold Report interview, he shares where the sweet spot in the mining space is and advises how to limit portfolio risk.

Recent Quotes

"The midstream segment should benefit from low interest rates. A midstream company we like is ETP."

The Energy Report Interview with Rodney Stevens (7/16/13)
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"ROG is my top pick."

The Gold Report Interview with Rodney Stevens (11/14/12)
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"FVI has relatively high growth potential compared to its peers."

The Gold Report Interview with Rodney Stevens (11/14/12)
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