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Jon Hykawy is with the research team at Byron Capital Markets. He holds a PhD in physics and an MBA from Queen's University, and has been working in capital markets as a clean technologies/alternative energy analyst for four years. He began his career in the investment industry in 2000, originally working as a technology analyst. His current area of focus is the lithium sector.

Recent Interviews

The Rare Earths Industry Is Only Just Beginning: Jon Hykawy (5/15/12)

Is the rare earths space an industry in decline, a bubble popped? Not so, according to Jon Hykawy, head of global research and a clean technologies analyst at Byron Capital Markets. Hykawy tells The Critical Metals Report in this exclusive interview that establishing a supply outside of China could breathe new life into this exiled market. While the winners in the industry may be as rare as the elements they mine, Hykawy believes that the financial community is going to have to revisit rare earths once companies start to produce meaningful cash flows.

New Rare Earth Metal Deposits in 2012: Jon Hykawy (1/3/12)

China's tight grip on rare earth elements supply may loosen as other deposits around the world come to fruition in 2012. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, Jon Hykawy, head of global research with investment bank Byron Capital Markets, discusses the supply and demand fundamentals that are driving his predictions for the New Year.

Jon Hykawy: Offtake Agreements Rule REE Market (8/2/11)

End-users are emerging as key players in the rare earth space. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, Jon Hykawy, head of Global Research with Toronto-based Byron Capital, shares his views on where this trend is headed and what it means for REE producers who don't have offtake agreements in place.

Recent Quotes

NMX is a good deposit, good grade compared to a lot of the other hard rock miners."

— Jon Hykawy, Investing News Network (6/27/16)
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"NMX nears completion of $38M financing package required for Phase 1 Commercial Demonstration Plant; our recommendation regarding Nemaska Lithium remains positive."

— Jon Hykawy, Stormcrow Capital (3/14/16)
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"We are initiating coverage on NMX; it represents the new wave of lithium production."

— Jon Hykawy, Stormcrow Capital (9/1/15)
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"FMS' Lac Knife is a good project by any measure."

— Jon Hykawy, Investor Intel (10/9/14)
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"Low overall costs and a large resource make EGZ very attractive."

— Jon Hykaway, Stormcrow (8/17/14)
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"FMS' Lac Knife is truly world class; we are initiating coverage with a positive recommendation."

— John Hykawy, Stormcrow Capital Ltd. (8/5/14)
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"UEX has the capital to survive depressed market conditions and may represent an attractive takeover candidate as a result."

— Jon Hykawy, Byron Capital Markets (11/11/13)
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"Our rating for GWG remains a Strong Buy; the risk is worth taking."

— Jon Hykawy, Byron Capital Markets (5/17/13)
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