Sector Expert: Knox Henderson

Knox Henderson is a journalist and capital markets communications consultant. He has advised for a broad range of small cap companies in the resource, life sciences and technology sectors for more than 25 years.

Recent Interviews

Siyata Gets Green Light from AT&T for a Slice of $100 Billion FirstNet Roll-Out (6/4/19)
Siyata in-vehicle smartphone

The company's pioneering technology is the first in-vehicle mobile device for FirstNet approved by AT&T.

Augmented Reality Shows Huge Potential for Augmented Gains (4/30/19)
AR Bond

Augmented Reality has been the province of behemoths like Amazon and Apple, but a small-cap firm is finding success bringing AR to smaller businesses.

'Multi-Million-Ounce Gold Giant' Is Stirring. . .and the Stock Is at an All-Time Low (3/19/19)
Terraco map

Knox Henderson explains why he believes Terraco Gold, with two big catalysts coming and a royalty in a large Nevada gold deposit, should be trading at three times its current share the very least.

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