Sector Expert: Helen O'Malley


Image: Helen O'Malley

Helen O'Malley joined London-based think tank CRU Group's Steel Raw Materials Team in 2005, and has since developed considerable knowledge of the metallics, iron ore, crude steel, and ferroalloys markets. Her current responsibilities center on the production of CRU's manganese ferroalloys market analysis and forecasting products. In addition, she supports research activities in manganese production costs. She has a Master in engineering from Cambridge University.

Recent Interviews

Helen O'Malley: The Manganese Market, a New Economic Growth Barometer? (8/23/11)

Manganese's many uses in infrastructure and building materials make its market a strong barometer for gauging the world economy. Soaring growth in countries like China and India has led to high global demand. In this exclusive interview for The Critical Metals Report, Helen O'Malley, a bulk manganese specialist with CRU International in London, discusses how manganese prices are closely tied to the economy and, in contrast to exchange-traded base metals, overwhelmingly determined by supply and demand.

CRU's Helen O'Malley Speaks Manganese (5/10/10)

Bulk manganese specialist Helen O'Malley of London-based CRU sheds some light on the seldom-discussed metal. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, O'Malley offers her insights on the metal's supply and demand fundamentals and discusses the manganese market, which is driven largely by China. She also highlights several junior mining companies on her radar.

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