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Richard Mills is host of and invests in the junior resource sector. His articles have been published on over 400 websites.

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Companies Commented On

  • Energy Fuels Inc.
  • Expedition Mining Inc.
  • Kootenay Silver Inc.
  • New Carolin Gold Corp.
  • North American Nickel Inc.
  • Sernova Corp.

Recent Interviews

Rick Mills: How to Profit from the Demands of a Growing World Population (1/21/16)
Silk Road Economic Belt

As the world prepares to house, feed and care for 9.7 billion people, Ahead of the Herd founder Rick Mills is looking for the companies that will profit from the silent tsunami of demand creeping up on resource and healthcare providers. In this interview with The Gold Report, Mills reveals the six companies he thinks are well positioned in their respective sectors to ride this population wave to profits.

Four Exploration and Development Companies Rick Mills Believes Will Thrive in Tough Times (4/6/15)
Drill bit

The four-year-long bear market in metals stocks has resulted in an historic opportunity for investors, says Rick Mills, the owner and host of Ahead of the Herd. In this interview with The Gold Report, he explains that gold and other metals must rise as supply falls, so that when the market finally turns, those companies that have continued to increase shareholder value will reward shareholders many-fold. And he highlights four companies poised to do just that.

Are You Ready for the January Effect? (1/6/15)
January effect

As far back as 1942, economists have noted that small-cap companies in particular tend to surge at the beginning of the year in a cycle known as the January Effect. After the year we have seen in the natural resources space, The Mining Report checked in with sector experts to find out whether they are expecting this traditional gift, how they are preparing for it and what companies could benefit.

Recent Quotes

"EFR is set up to be the premier U.S./North American uranium producer."

The Gold Report Interview with Rick Mills (1/21/16)
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"NAN has a huge land package, pretty much the entire Greenland Norite Belt."

The Gold Report Interview with Rick Mills (1/21/16)
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"KTN's initial phase 2 assays position La Negra as one of the richest, near-surface, pure-silver plays in northwest Mexico in the past decade."

The Gold Report with Rick Mills (4/6/15)
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"NAN is a well-funded, well-managed company with serious backers."

The Gold Report with Rick Mills (4/6/15)
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"KTN has immense existing resources, discovery upside and buyout potential."

— Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd (3/14/15)
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"KTN's La Negra is going to be a much coveted deposit."

— Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd (2/11/15)
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"KTN has discovered a significant high-grade silver deposit, La Negra."

The Gold Report Interview with Rick Mills (1/6/15)
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"GPR is on top of the list of producers that are well positioned to take advantage of an uptick in gold and silver prices."

The Mining Report Interview with Rick Mills (1/6/15)
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