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Jason Hamlin is the founder of Gold Stock Bull ( and publishes one of the most highly-rated investment newsletters available, focused on strategies for profiting on the bull markets in gold, silver, energy, rare earth metals and agriculture. Mr. Hamlin has a background analyzing charts and trends for the world's largest market research company, is versed in fundamental and technical analysis and has consulted to Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Recent Interviews

Pent-Up Potential for Precious Metals in 2013: Jason Hamlin (12/5/12) Debt, not the fiscal cliff, is what concerns Jason Hamlin, publisher of the Gold Stock Bull newsletter, and if his prediction of a split in the EU comes to pass, it will bolster the case for gold equities. In this Gold Report interview Hamlin shares his preference for royalty streamers and prospect generators in the gold space and explains his attraction to graphite.

Jason Hamlin: Paradigm Shift (3/28/11) Jason Hamlin of the Gold Stock Bull newsletter didn't start snapping up stocks on news of disaster in Japan and military attacks in Libya. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Jason tells us why he's holding his ground, how high macro issues spanning the globe could push precious metal prices and about a few of his top stock picks.

Recent Quotes

"EGZ's drill program included the largest intersection of graphite ever reported." (12/5/12) Energizer Resources Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Jason Hamlin More >

"If the drill results we have already seen are any indication, Ixtaca could be an absolute game changer for AMM." (12/5/12) Almaden Minerals Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Jason Hamlin More >

"I like the prospects for BGM." (5/25/11) Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. - Jason Hamlin, Gold Stock Bull More >

"LODE returns massively high-grade drill results." (5/24/11) Comstock Mining Inc. - Jason Hamlin, Gold Stock Bull More >

"one of the largest undeveloped silver and indium resources in the world" (3/28/11) South American Silver taking over High Desert Gold now called TriMetals Mining - The Gold Report Interview with Jason Hamlin More >

"one of the most undervalued junior silver plays in the market" (3/28/11) Argentex Mining Corporation - The Gold Report Interview with Jason Hamlin More >

"the Yukon gold rush is on; GPD is one of my favorites in the region" (3/28/11) Americas Bullion Royalty Corp., becoming Till Capital; formerly Golden Predator Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Jason Hamlin More >

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