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John Mauldin is the author of New York Times Best Sellers list four times. They include Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market, Just One Thing: Twelve of the World's Best Investors Reveal the One Strategy You Can't Overlook, and Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How it Changes Everything. He also edits the free weekly e-letter Outside the Box. Mauldin also offers The Mauldin Circle, a free service that connects accredited investors to an exclusive network of money managers and alternative investment opportunities. He is a frequent contributor to publications including The Financial Times and The Daily Reckoning, as well as a regular guest on CNBC, Yahoo Tech Ticker, and Bloomberg TV. Mauldin is the President of Millennium Wave Advisors, an investment advisory firm registered with multiple states. He is also a registered representative of Millennium Wave Securities, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer.

Recent Interviews

China, Greece and the NYSE: Black Swans or Red Flags? (7/9/15)
Chinese flag

Scary. That is the word that kept coming up over and over as the news came in this week. Greece technically defaulted. The Shanghai Composite index dropped some 30%. And then a computer glitch caused the NYSE to be down for three hours. Are these headlines just blips on the equities markets? Do they have long-term implications for resource stocks? To answer these questions, we did what we do best at The Gold Report and asked the experts what is causing all the black swans and what they are doing to protect their investments.

Contrarian Economist John Mauldin: How to Position Your Portfolio to Win in the Currency Wars (2/2/15)
Currency Wars

Collateral damage from the currency wars in Europe, Japan and Russia could topple political leaders, put banks out of business and homeowners on the street. It can also play havoc with a portfolio. That is why The Gold Report called Mauldin Economics founder John Mauldin to ask how can readers protect themselves and perhaps even prosper.

John Mauldin's Knock on the Side of the Head to World Leaders (5/7/14)

The future will be decided in a race between global advances in demand for resources, complex technology and biotech innovation, and growing sovereign debt. In this interview with The Gold Report, Thoughts from the Frontline author John Mauldin points to the sectors that could benefit from the upside of improving world demand and the possible downside of a fiscal collapse in the geographic hot spots of China, Japan and Europe.

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