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Greg McCoach is an entrepreneur who has successfully started and run several businesses in the past 23 years. For the last nine years, he has been involved with the precious metals industry as a bullion dealer, investor and newsletter writer (Mining Speculator and The Insider Alert). Greg is also the president of AmeriGold, a gold bullion dealer. He writes a weekly column for Gold World.

Recent Interviews

Dodge Economic Bullets with Greg McCoach's Golden Strategy (6/30/14) There may be blood in the streets, but in today's market, the tribulations of junior miners could represent a boon for investors. With gold prices testing and retesting the bottom, and despite his dour outlook on the future of global economics, newsletter publisher Greg McCoach tells The Gold Report that to survive the endgame, investors should both hold gold and seek out stock in explorers with solid prospects.

Greg McCoach Says Keep the Best and Dump the Rest (10/9/13) Greg McCoach, publisher of Mining Speculator newsletter, is not ashamed to admit he has taken a big hit in juniors in the last couple of years. What he has done in response is what he advises all investors to do in this interview with The Gold Report: Get rid of the also-rans and keep and build positions in those companies that have what it takes to gain in multiples when the market recovers. And he suggests six companies that could do just that.

When Greg McCoach Picks Mining Stocks, It's Location, Location, Location (10/15/12) The looming financial meltdown will affect the global economy and the U.S. will not escape, says Greg McCoach. Whatever happens, the precious metals are bound to fly, as investors scramble for tangible cover. Mining stocks will be major beneficiaries of the soaring metals prices, but where mines are situated will be an important factor as governments try to get a bigger piece of the action. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, McCoach names some favorite companies that he expects to do well in the coming turbulent times.

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Recent Quotes

"AMM is a quality company that is set to move first when the junior market recovers." (3/28/14) Almaden Minerals Ltd. - Greg McCoach, Mining Speculator Moreá>

"EXN looks poised to be a big winner when the recovery is underway." (10/13/13) Excellon Resources Inc. - Greg McCoach, Mining Speculator Moreá>

"CXO is an incredible story. Based on my calculations, Colorado has already put together 100 Mt of economic ore." (10/9/13) Colorado Resources Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Greg McCoach Moreá>

"EXN has negative cash costs when you consider the high-grade lead and zinc byproducts along with the silver." (10/9/13) Excellon Resources Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Greg McCoach Moreá>

"SVL is probably the top company I'd like to talk about. It has more than $40M in cash and it's growing." (10/9/13) SilverCrest Mines Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Greg McCoach Moreá>

"TK is on to a potentially very large discovery of merit at Colquipucro and Ayawilca." (10/9/13) Tinka Resources Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Greg McCoach Moreá>

"TK has potential for a big discovery." (9/20/13) Tinka Resources Ltd. - Greg McCoach, Insider Alert Moreá>

"CXO stands out on the exploration front." (9/20/13) Colorado Resources Ltd. - Greg McCoach, Insider Alert Moreá>

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