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Thom Calandra has just revived THE CALANDRA REPORT, a subscriber service, after years gathering gold dust in the silo of natural resources come-uppance. A lifelong journalist, he co-founded CBS MarketWatch and FT MarketWatch. He started Ticker Trax in Canada. His reviews of natural resource companies and onsite visits to Colombia, Ghana, Cambodia, Mexico and Canada have become standards for independent coverage. THE CALANDRA REPORT some eight years ago was the standard-bearer for aggressive natural resources investing. He lives with his family in California. More on Calandra here.

Recent Interviews

Will the January Effect Give Gold and Silver Miners a Bounce? (1/7/15)

The January Effect–the surge that small-cap companies may experience at the beginning of the year–goes back some seven decades. What will 2015 bring? The Gold Report talked to some experts to find out what they are expecting in the early days of the new year and which companies might be in position to take advantage. Most experts are optimistic about a bump, and some have some very interesting ways to profit from it.

Special Report: The Next Golden Age for Cambodia? (3/14/12)

Journalist Thom Calandra recently returned from a tour of mining activities in Cambodia and filed this exclusive report with The Gold Report. Calandra came away from nine days in Cambodia thinking that by late 2013, the extent of identified gold reserves in this Southeast Asian country could rival Cambodia's abundance of Buddhist temples, rubber plantations, cashew trees and cassava farms.

Thom Calandra: Taking Calculated Yet Extreme Risks in Mining (11/16/11)

Thom Calandra, a long-time journalist and mining investor, knows what risks to stomach in search of jaw-dropping returns. Geopolitical risk, for one. Karen Roche of The Gold Report caught up with him at The New Orleans Investment Conference to see what this 30-year veteran of analyzing financial markets took away from the event. In this exclusive interview, Calandra revealed what mining gems he'll be eyeing for his portfolio and why he'll never invest without setting foot on a project first.

Recent Quotes

"BAR fortunately had cash in the bank to continue working its Detour Trend gold project in Québec and a joint venture gold dig in Ontario."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (9/1/16)
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"NMX has a real hard-rock deposit probably months from producing."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (9/1/16)
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— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (9/17/15)
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"CGT expects to release a PEA for its Paul Isnard project in the coming weeks."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (6/25/15)
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"LLG's Lac Guéret is extremely high grade."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (12/30/13)
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"TGM's study shows a 21% internal rate of return at $1,000/oz gold for the Karma project."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (12/17/13)
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"INO founder Dr. Joesph Kim is an understated powerhouse."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (12/9/13)
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"Those looking for platinum prospectors that appear 'cheap' might take a look at NKL."

— Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (11/21/13)
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