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  • Dalradian Resources Inc.
  • Enbridge Inc.
  • Enterprise Products Partners L.P.  
  • Fission Uranium Corp.
  • Franco-Nevada Corp.
  • Hi-Crush Partners L.P.
  • Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd.
  • Plains All American Pipeline L.P.
  • Pretium Resources Inc.
  • Reservoir Minerals Inc.
  • Romarco Minerals Inc.
  • Royal Gold Inc.
  • Scorpio Tankers Inc.
  • TC Pipelines L.P. 
  • U.S. Silica Holdings Inc.

Matt Badiali

Stansberry Research

Image: Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the editor of the S&A Resource Report, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on natural resources, including silver, uranium, copper, natural gas, oil, water and gold. He is a regular contributor to Growth Stock Wire, a free pre-market briefing on the day's most profitable trading opportunities. Badiali has experience as a hydrologist, geologist and consultant to the oil industry. He holds a Master's degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Recent Interviews

Experts' Guide to Getting the Most Out of Company Presentations (7/28/15) What can you really learn from the fuzzy project diagrams, site photos and columns of numbers often shown in dark rooms at conferences? A lot, if you know what you are looking for, according to the experts. Beyond the warnings about forward-looking statements, corporate presentations often contain the details that could make or break a project's economics. And many companies time the release of important information to coincide with events like the Sprott-Stansberry Natural Resource Symposium, going on now in Vancouver. For those who weren't able to make the trip or are doing their homework in a hotel room somewhere, The Gold Report asks veteran investors what they look for in a corporate presentation when evaluating a possible opportunity. As a bonus, we included links to several company presentations shown in Vancouver so you can practice your analyzing skills.

Matt Badiali's Methods for Investing in 'Cowboyistan' (7/7/15) The best way to make money from the shale oil boom in Cowboyistan—the Bakken, Permian Basin and Eagle Ford shales located in North Dakota and Texas—may be the service providers. Master limited partnerships building pipelines to ship oil from newly cracked shale, and companies producing frack sand, will be hot stock prospects as the price of oil inches up. In this interview with The Energy Report, S&A Resource Report editor Matt Badiali shares the names he is researching in both the pipeline and fracking equipment and materials spaces.

Stansberry's Matt Badiali Shares His Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls in the Climb to Resource Investing Heights (7/6/15) Successful resource investors have to make their way past a lot of money pits before they find a stock that will make it to the top. In this interview with The Gold Report, S&A Resource Report Editor Matt Badiali shares the red flags wedged in PEAs and points to a handful of companies that are building shareholder value.

Recent Quotes

"FCU is in the process of advancing the PLS project and creating enormous value for shareholders." (7/6/15) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

"PVG's Brucejack is going to be an extremely economic mine." (7/6/15) Pretium Resources Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

"FNV is one of the two best royalty companies in the mining space." (7/6/15) Franco-Nevada Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

"R will be our first winner of 2016." (7/1/15) Romarco Minerals Inc. - Matt Badiali, Stansberry Research More >

"If you want to speculate on a uranium discovery, there is only one company out there: FCU." (10/28/14) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Mining Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

"WZR found oil, vetted it and now has a permit to produce it. That pushes it up into the No. 1, No. 2 draft pick area." (4/10/14) WesternZagros Resources Ltd. - The Energy Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

"I was very impressed by WZR; the company is educated on the region, which is critical to success." (1/2/14) WesternZagros Resources Ltd. - The Energy Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

"The conservative uranium bet is to go with companies making money at current prices. That's FCU." (5/23/13) Fission Uranium Corp. - The Energy Report Interview with Matt Badiali More >

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