Sector Expert: Rudi Fronk

Seabridge Gold Inc.

Image: Rudi Fronk

Rudi P. Fronk, chairman and chief executive officer of Seabridge Gold, has over 30 years of experience in the gold business, primarily as a senior officer and director of publicly traded companies. In 1999 Fronk co-founded Seabridge and has served as the company's CEO since that time. Prior to Seabridge, Fronk held senior management positions with Greenstone Resources, Columbia Resources, Behre Dolbear & Company, Riverside Associates, Phibro-Salomon, Amax and DRX. Fronk is a graduate of Columbia University from which he holds a Bachelor of Science in mining engineering and a Master of Science in mineral economics.

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The stock and bond markets are in a massive bubble, that bubble will pop, and gold and gold stocks will soar as they have in the aftermath of previous bubbles, say Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold.

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