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  • Alexco Resource Corp.
  • ATAC Resources Ltd.
  • Cayden Resources Inc.
  • Chinook Energy Inc.
  • Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.
  • Cordoba Minerals Corp.
  • Dalradian Resources Inc.
  • Devon Energy Corp.
  • Eurasian Minerals Inc.
  • Foran Mining Corporation
  • Franco-Nevada Corp.
  • Kaminak Gold Corp.
  • Klondex Mines Ltd.
  • Lynden Energy Corp.
  • Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF
  • Midland Exploration Inc.
  • Newmont Mining Corp.
  • NXT Energy Solutions Inc.
  • Pilot Gold Inc.
  • Pretium Resources Inc.
  • rdx Technologies Corp.
  • Riverside Resources Inc.
  • Roxgold Inc.
  • Royal Gold Inc.
  • Rubicon Minerals Corp.
  • Silver Wheaton Corp.
  • Sprott Inc.
  • Teranga Gold Corp.
  • ZZ-OLD Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.

Rick Rule

Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.

Image: Rick Rule

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc., began his career in the securities business in 1974. He is a leading American retail broker specializing in mining, energy, water utilities, forest products and agriculture. His company has built a national reputation on taking advantage of global opportunities in the oil and gas, mining, alternative energy, agriculture, forestry and water industries. Rule writes a free, thrice-weekly e-letter, Sprott's Thoughts.

Recent Interviews

Experts' Guide to Getting the Most Out of Company Presentations (7/28/15) What can you really learn from the fuzzy project diagrams, site photos and columns of numbers often shown in dark rooms at conferences? A lot, if you know what you are looking for, according to the experts. Beyond the warnings about forward-looking statements, corporate presentations often contain the details that could make or break a project's economics. And many companies time the release of important information to coincide with events like the Sprott-Stansberry Natural Resource Symposium, going on now in Vancouver. For those who weren't able to make the trip or are doing their homework in a hotel room somewhere, The Gold Report asks veteran investors what they look for in a corporate presentation when evaluating a possible opportunity. As a bonus, we included links to several company presentations shown in Vancouver so you can practice your analyzing skills.

Rick Rule and Porter Stansberry's Guide to Protecting Your Portfolio from the Ravages of the Currency Wars (6/25/15) Russia, China and the U.S. are in a battle for currency dominance and natural resource stocks have been buffeted as a result. When the dust settles, smart natural resource investors could be the big winners as long as they have taken the right protective measures. In this interview with The Gold Report, Sprott USA Holdings CEO Rick Rule and Stansberry & Associates Investment Research founder Porter Stansberry—the men behind the upcoming Sprott-Stansberry Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium—share their strategies for picking good companies no matter what happens on the political front.

Casey Gathers Top Gold Experts to Share Secrets for Making Money in Any Market (3/23/15) When the bears are attacking and "stuckholders" are looking for shelter, that is the time to call on the experts who have found a way to make money in up and down years. In this excerpt from the Casey Research "Going Vertical" webinar, The Gold Report shares inside secrets from Pierre Lassonde, Rick Rule, Jeff Clark, Doug Casey, Frank Holmes and Louis James as they call out their favorite picks of yesterday and today. (Click here to watch it now.)

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Recent Quotes

"AXU is in the enviable position of owning the Keno Hill project, which has been in production on and off for 110 years." (6/25/15) Alexco Resource Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"Royalty and streaming companies like FNV enjoy tremendous market share." (6/25/15) Franco-Nevada Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"Prospect generators like MD reduce risk by using intellectual capital as opposed to physical capital in exploration." (6/25/15) Midland Exploration Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"SLW takes out a lot of the operational and capital deployment risk associated with the mining business." (6/25/15) Silver Wheaton Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"BCM has the backing of every prominent local group." (3/17/14) Bear Creek Mining Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"FVI continues to impress with its ability to operate midsize silver mines." (3/17/14) Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"P outperformed production expectations." (3/17/14) Primero Mining Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

"GUY has had a dramatic turnaround and is up 67% YTD." (3/17/14) Guyana Goldfields Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

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"THO has one of the finest silver deposits in the world." (3/17/14) Tahoe Resources Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Rick Rule More >

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