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Sector Expert: Kerry Smith

Haywood Securities

Image: Kerry Smith

Kerry Smith is vice president, senior mining analyst and director at Haywood Securities. He worked for 10 years as a mining engineer in Western Canada before completing an MBA in 1992. Kerry joined First Marathon Securities Limited as a mining analyst in 1992 and joined Haywood in 2001 as Senior Mining Analyst and Vice President. Smith's focus is on growth oriented gold and base metal mining companies. He also coordinates the research efforts of Haywood's mining research team.

Recent Interviews

The Miners That Made Haywood's Quarterly Cut: Kerry Smith (10/23/13)

Gold bars chartThere are no easy answers in this market. Companies and investors alike have to hunker down and make tough calls, but that doesn't mean companies and investors can't make money, even in the short term, says Kerry Smith, a research analyst with Haywood Securities. Smith and Haywood's staff geologists narrow their sights on small companies cheaply exploring for beaten-up commodities. In this interview with The Gold Report, Smith reveals some fresh names, as well as perennial favorites on Haywood's quarterly round-up.

Recent Quotes

"The completed Sigma mine resource estimate is the first by Integra."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (6/14/17)
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"We view the potential for a competing bid for ICG to be very low."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (5/16/17)
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"Indicated resources at ICG's Triangle increased ~100% to 1.47 Moz."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (3/22/17)
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"At ICG's C2, infill drilling intersected high-grade mineralization."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (2/1/17)
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"We currently model a 1.3 Moz mineable deposit at ICG's Lamaque."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (1/25/17)
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"High-grade gold intercepts continue to be identified between ICG's C1 and C2 Splay Structures."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (11/29/16)
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"ICG's Triangle deposit remains the bulk of the overall resource."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (11/16/16)
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"Assay results include the widest intercept ever reported on ICG's Triangle structure returning 13.59 g/t Au over 10.8 metres."

— Kerry Smith, Haywood Securities (11/9/16)
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