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Heiko Ihle

Heiko Ihle: Back to Precious Metals Equity Investing Basics
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (1/26/15)
Investing in mining equities can get rather complicated but Heiko Ihle, managing director at H.C. Wainwright & Co., says precious metals equity investors need to focus on just three criteria: jurisdiction, management and asset viability. In this interview with The Gold Report, he explains his rationale and discusses several of his preferred gold and silver names. More >

So Bad It's Good: Surviving 2014
Source: JT Long of Streetwise Reports  (11/25/14)
As we approach Thanksgiving in the States, Streetwise Reports
reached out to some of our most popular experts for perspective on the natural resource market during this volatile time. While some thought 2014 was so bad it was good—for contrarian investors—others will be all too happy to see the year in the rearview mirror. More >

Chen Lin

Chen Lin Says Gold Miners Need to Produce at $1,000/oz or Less to Survive
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (11/17/14)
How low can gold go? Chen Lin expects a probable near-term low of $1,000/ounce. The author of the What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? newsletter says that at that price we can expect a bloodbath of companies, both large and small. Gold cannot be kept down forever, however, and once the bottom is in, those miners that have survived will be in an enviable position, able to buy lucrative assets at bargain prices. In this interview with The Gold Report, Lin identifies several producers and one near-term project uniquely positioned for the next bull market. More >

David H. Smith

David H. Smith: PGMs Will Lead the Charge of the Bulls
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (7/7/14)
Precious metals investors have endured much hardship during the recent bear market but David H. Smith, senior analyst with David Morgan's The Morgan Report, believes that another secular bull market in precious metals is already underway. In this interview with The Gold Report, Smith says that platinum group metals will lead the resurgence and have a favorable long-term risk/reward ratio. He outlines some PGM, gold and silver companies that can grab the bull by its horns. More >

Jeb Handwerger

Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, that Is)
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (3/18/14)
Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world, says Gold Stock Trades writer Jeb Handwerger. Meanwhile, tensions in Russia highlight the massive country's resource dominance in natural gas, oil, uranium, platinum group metals, rare earths and nickel. Handwerger tells The Mining Report that North America is already acting to develop resources that can meet both domestic and international demand—and this global geopolitical uncertainty is an investment opportunity. More >

Paul Renken

Paul Renken: For 2014 Gains, Look to Uranium, PGMs and Gems
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (2/25/14)
Paul Renken, senior geologist and analyst with VSA Capital, calls 2014 a soft year for gold and silver prices, but foresees stronger prices—and demand—for nickel, copper and tech metals as the year progresses. In this Mining Report interview, he lists the three commodities investors should feel good about and digs into the details of the Indonesian ban on exports of raw ore. More >

Joseph Gallucci

Zinc or Swim: Do Base Metals Have a Future?
Source: Peter Byrne of The Mining Report  (1/7/14)
Joseph Gallucci of Dundee Capital Markets sees a rosy future for zinc investors. As the large zinc mines shut down, the juniors are stepping forward to meet growing demand for the industrial staple. In this interview with The Mining Report, Gallucci delivers smart tips for base metals investors on where to find opportunity when zinc prices start to climb. More >

John Kaiser

10 Strategies for Success in a Flat Commodity Price Market: John Kaiser
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (10/22/13)
It could be 2017 before the commodity supercycle is evident again, but stormy weather in the mining space has a silver lining: It is encouraging miners to develop new, innovative approaches to their business. In this interview for the first edition of The Mining Report, John Kaiser of Kaiser Research Online outlines 10 strategies that are setting certain companies apart. Discover the companies that are redefining their business, as well as miners with the goods in the ground to continue come rain or shine. More >

Louis James Marin Katusa Rick Rule

Busting the Myths That Could Wipe Out Your Investments: Louis James, Marin Katusa and Rick Rule
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (10/11/13)
The Gold Report sat down with three of the mythbusters-in-chief at the recent Casey Research 2013 Summit. Louis James, Marin Katusa and Rick Rule debunk myths that range from quantitative easing to crowdfunding, and touch on an array of resource sectors, including gold, platinum, palladium and oil. Get insights about the work investors need to do to succeed and learn why age matters. More >

Byron King

Wave of the Future Investment from the Ground Up: Byron King
Source: JT Long of The Metals Report  (10/8/13)
An increasingly high-tech world is on the horizon, but technological revolution can't take place without the right materials, especially graphite and platinum group metals. This is where mining, one of the oldest industries in human history, comes in. In this interview with The Metals Report, Byron King, editor of the Energy & Scarcity Investor and Outstanding Investments newsletters, profiles companies poised to deliver graphite and platinum group metals to tech companies working to change the way we communicate, travel and harness energy. More >

An Investing Opportunity of a Lifetime: Lessons from the Sprott Precious Metals Roundtable
Source: Moderated by John Budden of Sprott Resources  (9/25/13)
What happens when you bring together four of the top minds in the precious metals investing space to share insights from the front lines of gold, silver platinum and palladium investing? These excerpts from a Sprott Resources Roundtable featuring Gloom, Boom and Doom Report Publisher Marc Faber, Sprott Asset Management Chief Investment Strategist John Embry, Sprott Global Resource Investments Founder Rick Rule and Sprott Asset Management Founder Eric Sprott prove that great minds think big.
More >

David  Franklin

David Franklin: Is Platinum the New Gold?
Source: Peter Byrne of The Metals Report  (9/10/13)
The Goldrums of June are giving way to a new dawn for platinum group metals, says David Franklin, a market strategist at Sprott Asset Management. While white metal miners face a variety of challenges, there is an increasing demand for platinum and palladium from vehicle manufacturers in the U.S. and China. And supplies of the hard-to-find metal are vanishing day by day. Now is the time to buy into existing stockpiles of the precious metal, Franklin tells The Metals Report. More >

Dave Forest

Dave Forest: How to Play the Looming Platinum Supply Crisis
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Metals Report  (9/3/13)
South Africa, platinum mining giant, is about to fall off the investment map, says Dave Forest of Pierce Points. Until the country sorts out its labor politics, there is a real need to establish alternative sources of platinum group metals, vanadium and manganese. In other words, while it's a bad time to be a miner in South Africa, it's a good time to hold in-ground reserves. In this interview with The Metals Report, Forest names deposits in the Americas and elsewhere in Africa with the potential to meet global platinum needs. But he's choosing carefully, because even in times of scarcity, Forest argues, it just won't do to develop anything other than the best, most economic mining projects. More >

Jocelyn August

Eight Catalysts That Can Move Your Mining Stocks: Jocelyn August
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (8/6/13)
Catalysts can move mining equities substantially up or down, so being aware of upcoming news and events is key to portfolio management. Sagient Research's Jocelyn August advises investors to look for miners with good management teams that are transparent in their announcements and consistently meet their deadlines. In this interview with The Metals Report, August outlines the eight biggest catalysts in the mining space and discusses companies with anticipated near-term catalysts. More >

Erica Rannestad

After Labor Strikes, What's Next for Platinum?
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (6/25/13)
Violent South African mining labor strikes shocked the globe in 2012, but the resulting negotiations underway could create more stable supply flows in the long term—that's how CPM Commodity Analyst Erica Rannestad sees it. In this interview with The Metals Report, Rannestad discusses the key developments that could signal a price rise and which producers could clean up big on high-priced PGMs. More >

Chen Lin

Five Miners Chen Lin Expects to Buck the Trend
Source: Zig Lambo of The Gold Report  (6/21/13)
For most investors, the market for gold and silver stocks resembles a battlefield littered with the dead and dying, especially after the last day or two. The key for investors is picking those stocks that have the best chance for survival, and sticking with them until they are able to recover. In this interview with The Gold Report, Chen Lin tells us what he looks for to make that critical decision and why he believes that platinum and palladium should do well regardless of what is happening with gold and silver. More >

Chinese flag

Some Like It Hot: Lisa Morrison on the Outlook for Industrial Metals
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (6/11/13)
Commodities may have broken out of a commodity supercycle and could be hitting a cyclical trough. Lisa Morrison, the principal consultant of CRU Group in Philadelphia, analyzes the price outlook for 26 commodities over the next four years and gives them a temperature rating from hot to freezing. In this interview with The Metals Report, Morrison, using this rating methodology, details which commodities she expects to offer the best upside for investors and which to avoid. More >

Frank Holmes Brian Hicks

The Three Ways Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks Play the Junior Resource Space
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (6/7/13)
The recent volatility in the gold market has investors taking a second look at their strategies. In this interview with The Gold Report, Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks of U.S. Global Investors discuss their criteria for investment decisions, the factors they think will affect the gold sector and how ETFs are distorting the gold equities market. More >

Arie Papernick

Arie Papernick: A New Mining Investment Landscape Explained
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (4/9/13)
Life is difficult for junior resource companies. Not only are stocks and commodity prices moving sideways, but tax changes in Canada may signal less friendly treatment for exploration investment. But not all is grim, according to Arie Papernick, the head of equity capital markets at Secutor Capital Management Corp. in Toronto. In this interview with The Metals Report, Papernick says investors can still make money if they focus on companies that are producing or near production with an attractive capital structure and strong balance sheets. Royalty plays are another favorite. He reveals that the next big opportunity may be coming in the energy metals space. More >

Adrian Day

Two Seniors + Five Juniors = One Amazing Gold Portfolio: Adrian Day
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (4/5/13)
Adrian Day, founder of Adrian Day Asset Management, finds royalty plays some of the cleanest, least risky ways to invest in precious metals. Royalties also offer high margins and the benefit of exposure to exploration. In this interview with The Gold Report, he explains why royalty companies are so hot right now and shares the names of a handful of favorite companies both large and small with royalties around the world. More >

Rick Rule

Why Rick Rule Bought $280M of Platinum and Palladium
Source: Karen Roche of The Metals Report  (4/2/13)
When Rick Rule pairs lower grades, labor strife and inefficient mines with the relentless demand for platinum and palladium, his result is an investment thesis that could pay off for bullion and equity investors. In his Metals Report interview, the founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. compares the current platinum and palladium space to the uranium sector 10 years ago, and predicts handsome returns for investors willing to shoulder the risk. More >

Jeb Handwerger

Jeb Handwerger Follows the Smart Money to Undervalued Miners
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (4/1/13)
Investors unsure of which way to turn in this market need only watch the "smart money," says Jeb Handwerger, the editor and publisher of Billionaires like John Paulson and Carlos Slim are plucking up mining investments on the cheap. In this interview with The Gold Report, Handwerger shares his favorite discount buys. More >

Peter Krauth

Precious Metals the Antidote to Fiat Currency Threat: International Resource Specialist Peter Krauth
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (3/27/13)
Peter Krauth, resource specialist for Money Map Press, considers the precious metals space an overarching requirement for investors. He sees value in every sector, although he admits it takes a contrarian mindset to see the opportunity among stocks that have been trending down for as long as 18 months. In this Gold Report interview, Krauth shares names from majors to mid caps to royalty companies, including those in the platinum group metals space, where supply-and-demand tensions will move the price of palladium up. More >

Jack Lifton Byron King

Recycling, Not Mining, Is the Future for Securing Immediate Platinum Group Metal Supply
Source: JT Long of The Metals Report  (3/12/13)
The biggest new source for platinum group metals just might be what Jack Lifton calls "the rubber tire mine." Noting that removing the catalytic converter from a car's emission system produces a rate of return that rivals the production rates of the South African platinum giants, Byron King agrees that recycling is the wave of the future for platinum, palladium and rhodium. Welcome to the 21st century—find out how to play it in this Metals Report interview. More >

Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott: Central Bankers Are Gaming Gold
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (3/4/13)
Some people may look at the stock market and see economic recovery. Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management and Sprott Money looks at myriad other economic indicators and sees an economy still in decline. Despite his suspicions that central banks are keeping gold prices artificially low, he tells The Gold Report that he favors gold, platinum, palladium and especially silver, over the near and long term. More >

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