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Jack Chan

Correction in Gold and Silver Underway
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report  (8/27/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts a correction in the gold and silver markets and plots his investment strategy. More >

The Precious Metals Sector and the Fed. . .
Source: Clive Maund for The Gold Report  (8/26/16)
Technical analyst Clive Maund reflects on how Federal Reserve statements may affect markets, and explains why he thinks the precious metals markets are due for a correction. More >

Azure Minerals Strikes Silver and Gold in Mexico
Source: The Gold Report  (8/25/16)
Azure Minerals Ltd. (AZS:ASX), an Australian company developing two precious metal projects in Mexico, has caught the attention of a pair of analysts and the Mining Journal. More >

Matt Geiger

Investing in the New Resource Bull Market
Source: Matt Geiger for The Gold Report  (8/22/16)
After four grinding years of falling metal prices and vanishing market capitalizations, we have seen a stunning shift in market sentiment since mid-January, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. Multiple physical commodities are now in technical bull markets, and resource equities in particular have enjoyed a spectacular 2016 thus far. Geiger highlights several companies poised to take advantage of the boom. More >

Tahoe Resources' Record-Setting Quarter Earns Analysts' Praise
Source: The Gold Report  (8/18/16)
The Q2 numbers are in, and Tahoe Resources exceeded both production and cash flow expectations in the first half of 2016, according to analysts following the company. Based on those numbers—and with management changes also in place—the experts believe the company will continue to outperform. More >

Michael Ballanger

Putting Gold Miners into Proper Perspective
Source: Michael Ballanger for The Gold Report  (8/15/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger reviews a number of the key elements that have characterized 2016's advance in gold, silver and the associated mining, development and exploration stocks. More >

Chen Lin

Gold 2.0: How to Profit from the Current Gold Bull Market
Source: Chen Lin for The Gold Report  (8/11/16)
After five years of a brutal bear market, gold and gold miners are finally having a huge rebound, and investor Chen Lin, writer of the popular newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?, sees the parallels to 2009. He highlights nearly a dozen mining companies that have weathered the downturn and are in position to ride the wave higher. More >

Signs Are Silver Bull Market Is Consolidating
Source: Clive Maund for The Gold Report  (8/8/16)
Having hit a target, silver has formed what is believed to be an intermediate top over the past five weeks or so, which it should soon start to descend from, says technical analyst Clive Maund. More >

Jack Chan

Gold and Silver Bull Market Correction Expected
Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report  (8/6/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan is awaiting the gold bull correction and sees it as a good entry point for gold. More >

What Experts Predict for the New Silver Bull Market
Source: The Gold Report  (7/27/16)
By the reckoning of market watchers, the silver bull has arrived. The Gold Report takes a look at what some of the experts predict for the silver price going forward and for companies poised to benefit from the upswing. More >

Jack Chan

The US Dollar's Impact on Gold and Silver
Source: Jack Chan  (7/23/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts a breakout of the U.S. dollar and comments on its implications for gold and silver. More >

Thibaut Lepouttre

Six Mining Companies to Watch as M&A Heats Up
Source: Thibaut Lepouttre for The Gold Report  (7/22/16)
Precious metals prices have gained momentum since the start of this year, and corporate M&A activity is heating up again. Caesars Report's Thibaut Lepouttre highlights a handful of mining companies with market capitalizations attractive to larger companies looking to boost their project pipelines. More >

Michael Ballanger

New Stock Market Highs Correlate to $57 Trillion in Printed Global Currency Units
Source: Michael Ballanger  (7/12/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses the relationship of rising money velocity, money printing and new stock market highs. More >

Silver Appears Overbought, But Long-Term Outlook Good
Source: Clive Maund  (7/11/16)
The long-term outlook for silver is very positive indeed, but over the short to medium term it looks set to react, says technical analyst Clive Maund. More >

Gold Heading Toward $1,400 As Bull Run Commences
Source: The Gold Report  (7/6/16)
Gold's post-Brexit vote surge continues unabated, with Bloomberg reporting today that the price of the safe haven commodity has risen for six consecutive days. More >

Jack Chan

Buy Signals in Place for Gold, Silver, Oil
Source: Jack Chan  (7/4/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan charts major buy signals for gold, silver and oil. More >

Michael Ballanger

Following Brexit, Central Bank Desperation Never More Evident…
Source: Michael Ballanger  (6/30/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses market reactions post-Brexit vote. More >

Markets Roiled as Britain Votes Itself Out of EU
Source: Clive Maund  (6/24/16)
Britain has voted to exit the European Union and its prime minister has resigned in the wake of the Brexit vote. The markets have, so far, reflected the world's uneasy reaction to the event. But it is early days, says newsletter writer and technical analyst Clive Maund, who offers his views on the day after Brexit. More >

Bob Moriarty

Is It Time to Dump Gold and Buy Platinum?
Source: Bob Moriarty  (6/20/16)
Bob Moriarty explains why precious metals investors may want to look beyond gold to a commodity with a long history and an interesting relationship to the yellow metal. More >

Jack Chan

Will Brexit Vote Push US Dollar One Way or the Other?
Source: Jack Chan  (6/20/16)
With both gold and silver ETFs trading in heavy volumes last week, technical analyst Jack Chan suspects liquidation is occurring, and speculates that the upcoming Brexit vote could impact the U.S. dollar. More >

Mick Carew

Five Junior Mining Companies Creating Value Through Exploration
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (6/9/16)
The drill bit is essential to junior mining companies. Only through active exploration can investors separate the companies with potential from those without. Mick Carew of Haywood Securities discusses five companies on track to create value through the drill bit. More >

Michael Ballanger

The Numbers Add Up to Vindication for a Cautious Gold Bull. . .
Source: Michael Ballanger  (5/28/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses the importance of caution and timing in gold investment. More >

Michael Ballanger

A New Golden Bull or Has the Market Gone Too Far Too Fast?
Source: Michael Ballanger  (5/25/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses how investors should interpret the recent shifts in gold and silver "market tectonics." More >

Jack Chan

How to Take Advantage of Multi-Week Correction in Gold and Silver
Source: Jack Chan  (5/23/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan finds gold stocks are on a short-term sell signal and reveals an excellent entry point. More >

Jason Hamlin

Two Overlooked Streaming Stocks with Huge Upside Potential
Source: Jason Hamlin for The Gold Report  (5/19/16)
Streaming/royalty stocks have been darlings of the commodity investment world. In the precious metals sector, this type of company provides financing for mining companies in the form of an upfront cash payment in exchange for a percentage of production or revenues from the mine. Jason Hamlin of Gold Stock Bull profiles two streamers often overlooked by investors. More >

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