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Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare: Child Labor and Cobalt Supply (04/29/2017)

Lithium-ion batteries contain more cobalt than lithium, says Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group, and discusses the element's predicted shortage.


Jack Chanís Weekly Gold Update: USD and the Precious Metals Market (04/29/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals market, including how changes in the USD could affect gold prices.


Avrupa Closes Financing and Options Portuguese Property (04/27/2017)

Avrupa Minerals, a prospect generator active in Europe, has closed a financing and announced that it has optioned the Alvito project in southern Portugal.


Lumber Tariff Could Boost Canadian Gold Miners (04/26/2017)

The tariff the Trump Administration plans to slap on Canadian lumber imports should lead to a further weakening of the Canadian dollar, a move that precious metals expert Michael Ballanger says can only help the bottom line of Canadian gold producers.


Gold Is 1% Shy of Ripping Higher (04/24/2017)

Precious metals are on the verge of a legendary move, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, and details the indicators he watches for.


Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Update: Trends Are Up (04/22/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts upward trends in the precious metals markets.


Red Eagle Declares Commercial Production at San Ramon (04/20/2017)

Commercial production was declared at Red Eagle Mining's San Ramon mine in Colombia, nearly five months after announcing the first gold pour.


Dark Star Shining Brightly for Gold Standard Ventures in Nevada (04/20/2017)

Exploration company Gold Standard Ventures has reported multiple results from its Dark Star prospect at its 100%-owned Railroad-Pinon project over the past week and a half.


Global Yields Worth Holding (04/19/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day reviews some of the companies in his portfolio, including some global companies with yields up to 7.5%.


Minaurum Gold Advancing Alamos Silver (04/19/2017)

Thibaut Lepouttre, editor of Caesars Report, profiles Minaurum Gold, which is developing the historic Alamos project in Mexico, and interviews geologist Peter Magaw, a director of the company.


Confusion Reigns. . . (04/19/2017)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger analyzes recent movements in the gold sector.


The Letter I Wrote George Soros About Gold (04/17/2017)

Gold is breaking out due to geopolitical concerns and continued conditions of negative real interest rates, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group.


How I Became a Multimillionaire at 33 (04/16/2017)

Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Global Wealth, explains the investment strategy that was successful for him.


Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Update: The Correction Is Over (04/15/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the completion of the gold marketís long correction.


Golden Arrow and Silver Standard Join Forces in Argentina (04/13/2017)

Stars aligned for Golden Arrow when Chinchillas was ready to move to production and the company only had to look 18 miles down the road to Silver Standard's Pirquitas mine and its established production facility.


DNI Delivers Profitable Graphite (04/13/2017)

For Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold, the boom in demand for lithium ion batteries also means a boom in demand for graphite, and he is placing his bets on a junior he believes has nothing but blue sky ahead.


Gold Standard Ventures Is Building Its Portfolio with Battle Mountain Gold Acquisition (04/13/2017)

The purchase of Battle Mountain Gold gives Gold Standard Ventures another large project in one of Nevada's largest gold producing districts.


Rye Patch Restarts Florida Canyon Mine (04/11/2017)

As iA Securities initiates coverage on Rye Patch, the miner receives state approval to start irrigation at the new pad at its Florida Canyon mine.


Trump's Missile Strike on Syria and Gold (04/11/2017)

Technical analyst Clive Maund charts gold's movements following the U.S. missile attack on a Syrian airbase.


Trevali Mining Making All the Right Moves (04/11/2017)

Trevali keeps its eye on being THE "pure play" solution as it moves toward closing the agreement with Glencore International to acquire the Rosh Pinah and Perkoa zinc mines.


One Hour Alone with Rick Rule and It Finally Dawned on Me (04/11/2017)

Daniel Ameduri, cofounder of Future Money Trends, shares the insights into gold investing he gained from a conversation with veteran investor and money manager Rick Rule.


Charts Spelling 'Big Trouble' for Silver (04/11/2017)

Silver's latest charts show that it is set up for a potentially severe decline, says technical analyst Clive Maund.


Doug Casey's Big Gold Play Makes 3,100% More than Gold Bullion (04/09/2017)

Lior Gantz of Wealth Resources Group discusses why he anticipates the majors will start making acquisitions of small-cap companies again and how investors can take advantage.


'Bond God' Jeff Gundlach Is Essentially Long Gold (04/09/2017)

Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Group, examines how low real interest rates boost gold.


Leagold Mining: Woodyer & Giustra Are Building Endeavour Mining 2.0 (04/09/2017)

The Critical Investor profiles Leagold Mining, a company that just took over Goldcorp's Los Filos mine in Mexico.


Jack Chanís Weekly Gold and Silver Update (04/08/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest developments in the gold and silver markets, including an all-time high in speculation in silver.


Permitting at NOVAGOLD's Donlin Project Is Entering Its Final Stage (04/06/2017)

The release of NOVAGOLD's first quarter results has analyst Raj Ray of National Bank Financial highlighting that permitting for the Donlin Gold project is entering its final stage.


Klondex Ups Mineral Resource at True North (04/06/2017)

An updated mineral resource for Klondex's True North project that increases the Measured and Indicated resource by 32% and the Inferred by 45% caught the attention of several analysts.


Pershing Gold Climbs to the Next Level in Nevada (04/06/2017)

As Pershing Gold closes a deal to consolidate its Blackjack project, it continues to move the Relief Canyon mine closer to production.


Buy Precious, Sell Base (Metals). . . (04/05/2017)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he believes base metals are overbought and precious metals, especially silver, are set to appreciate.


Checking In on Victoria Gold's 'Golden' Eagle Project (04/04/2017)

The Gold Report examined Victoria Gold's Eagle Project in February and is now checking in on the company's progress after two back-to-back news releases last week.


Inflation and War Are on the Horizon (04/02/2017)

Perhaps the final act is about to start for the global monetary system, says Kenneth Ameduri, chief editor of Crush the, and he discusses ways the precious metals can offer financial insurance.


Jim Rogers Is Bullish on Russia, and I Know Why (04/02/2017)

Tom Beck, editor of Portfolio Wealth Global, says if he's learned one thing in the markets, it is that Jim Rogers never misses a big long-term investment thesis, and that Rogers has basically told investors to "forget China, buy Russia."


Jim Rickards and I Are on the Same Page (04/02/2017)

Risks to the global economy was the main topic of the conversation between precious metals expert Jim Rickards and Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group.


Jack Chanís Weekly Gold and Silver Update (04/01/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver markets.


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