Terraco Gold is a royalty company with a portfolio that includes up to 3% NSR on the multi-million ounce Spring Valley Gold Project (Nevada), which is owned and operated by Waterton Global Resource Management, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Terraco also has up to a 2% NSR on over 35 sq km's of early-stage exploration potential (the Moonlight Project) adjoining the Spring Valley Project on the north side (also owned by Waterton). In addition, Terraco has an advanced-stage gold project in Idaho (the Nutmeg Mountain / Almaden Project) which hosts a National Instrument 43-101 compliant gold resource.

Expert Comments:

James Kwantes, Resource Opportunities (3/22/17)
"Terraco Gold Corp. is an under-the-radar royalty junior that has yet to make a big move. . .precious metals royalties command a premium in the royalty space, which has yet to be reflected in the company's share price. But the endgame here is an asset sale that should result in a rerating of Terraco's stock."

After a relatively long period without significant news, Terraco Gold seems to have shifted a gear now, so The Critical Investor sat down with CEO Todd Hilditch for a company update.
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James Kwantes, Resource Opportunities (1/19/17)
"Terraco Gold Corp. owns a 1-3% royalty on Waterton's Spring Valley gold deposit in Nevada. . .it was one of Barrick Gold’s flagship development stories, but the major sold the project to Waterton while in asset-shedding/debt reduction mode. . .while Waterton is serious about making money. . .its modus operandi is to pick up assets cheap, invest in and develop them, and then sell for a profit. . .Spring Valley is a much bigger prize and when the project sells, it will likely go to a producer. That should prompt an immediate rerating of Terraco shares and make it a target for a larger royalty player."

Terraco Gold rang in 2017 with the announcement that it has appointed Paul Zink as consultant and advisor.
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The Critical Investor (1/4/17)
"Terraco Gold Corp. hired Paul Zink as a consultant and advisor. . .Paul Zink isn't just any name in the royalty space, and I think Terraco is lucky to have a royalty veteran like Paul helping them out from now on. . .the best available projects will find guys like Paul, not the other way around as is usual with less familiar names; this is why I do think this hire could be a game changer for Terraco. . .Paul brings a new level of doing business in the royalty space to the table."

James Kwantes, Resource Opportunities (12/16/16)
"Terraco Gold Corp. is an under-the-radar gold royalty company whose flagship asset is a valuable 1-3% royalty on Waterton's Spring Valley gold project in Nevada; most of the deposit is covered by a 3% NSR and Terraco also has a 2% royalty on Waterton's Moonlight exploration project next-door. . .Waterton is a serious $2.5-billion private equity player that has been adept at picking up assets when they are cheap, developing them and selling them to majors. And the royalty business model is a bullet-proof one."

"The best opportunities lie in junior royalty/streaming companies with exposure to high-quality assets. . .I single out Terraco Gold Corp. as one such opportunity. Terraco Gold stands out given its very low market capitalization and its royalty on the multimillion-ounce Spring Valley project in Nevada. The project is held by a well-capitalized firm called Waterton Global Resource Management, which just spent millions of dollars to acquire it from a bankrupt Midway Gold and a desperate Barrick Gold. Spring Valley is currently not producing, and as a result we believe the market is overlooking Terraco's upside potential. However, we calculate that Terraco trades at less than 6X future operating cash flows. While this figure is contingent upon Spring Valley meeting certain production figures, the sharp valuation gap between Terraco and its more advanced royalty/streaming peers makes it attractive. . .Terraco's goal to become a pure-play junior royalty company makes it stand out among its peers, and this in turn makes it an attractive acquisition target for any of the larger royalty/streaming companies." read more >

The Critical Investor (7/31/16)
"Terraco Gold Corp. made headlines with a game-changing deal based on the well-known Spring Valley gold project in Nevada. . .Terraco is an aggressive royalty company with experienced management and gold assets in mining-friendly Nevada and Idaho. . .Terraco is looking to position itself as a new royalty player, has a one of a kind royalty package on the excellent Spring Valley project, is advancing the prospective Almaden/Nutmeg project to PEA before the end of this year, has a very strong strategic partner in Waterton, and is looking for aggressive growth of its royalty portfolio."

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– The Critical Investor
Ben Kramer-Miller, Chief Analyst miningWEALTH
James Kwantes Resource Opportunities

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Investing Highlights
Terraco is leverage into brand new gold royalty growth platform
Terraco is the only public royalty company part of mutli-million ounce Spring Valley’s growth
Terraco currently trades well below ‘price to NAV’ within royalty peer group
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