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Cypress Development is a publicly traded exploration company focused on developing the company's 100%-owned Clayton Valley lithium project in the state of Nevada, United States. Cypress' Dean & Glory lithium project is located immediately east of Albemarle's Silver Peak mine, North America's only lithium brine operation. Recent exploration by Cypress has discovered an extensive deposit of lithium-bearing claystone adjacent to the brine field. With mineralization tested by drilling over a seven-kilometer trend, the apparent size of the Dean & Glory deposit makes Clayton Valley a premier target that has the potential to impact the future of lithium production in North America.


Expert Comments:

The ultimate goal is a joint venture involving the two lithium companies.
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Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (11/6/18)
"Cypress Development Corp. isn't a new story, and although the very first round of drilling at Clayton Valley confirmed the company appeared to be sitting on a large lithium resource, we wanted to see the preliminary economic assessment (PEA) before taking a stance. The PEA appears to be excellent, and even at a lithium carbonate price of $9K/t, the project remains viable."

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd (10/20/18)
"We think Cypress Development Corp.'s Clayton Valley project has all the makings of a great lithium, scandium, dysprosium and neodymium mine, with other important bycredits to boot. If successful, the project would become the first U.S. mine, since the Chinese forced the closure of Mountain Pass in 2015, to process rare earths and would be a major supplier of lithium needed for electric vehicle batteries."

Greg Nolan, Equity.Guru (10/8/18)
"Cypress Development Corp. strikes me as one potential anomaly in the lithium space. The company may well be substantially mispriced compared to its peers. . .Lithium Americas, Global Geoscience and Bacanora Lithium sport market caps many multiples higher than Cypress'."

The close proximity of two properties offers promise of synergies for these firms.
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Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd (10/4/18)
"According to the preliminary economic assessment, Cypress Development Corp. has a unique and potentially extremely lucrative opportunity to mine rare earths (REs) at its Clayton Valley lithium project; rare earth elements were detected in leach solutions from hole DCH-2 in all samples, ranging from 100–200 ppm. The REs include scandium, dysprosium and neodymium, in order of economic value (i.e.,) highest to lowest price."

The company outlined the next steps for its lithium operation.
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The Critical Investor discusses the recently released PEA for the largest lithium clay deposit in the Americas.
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Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd (9/15/18)
"Cypress Development Corp. just put out a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) that should have had investors turning their heads so fast they got whiplash. . .the PEA showed an outstanding net present value of $1.45B at an 8% discount rate, yielding an internal rate of return (after tax) of 32.7%."

Energy and Gold (9/6/18)
"After a relatively quiet summer, Nevada lithium explorer Cypress Development Corp. has started September with a bang by releasing a positive preliminary economic assessment (PEA). . .some key metrics from the PEA: a 32.7% after-tax internal rate of recovery, a $1.45B net present value (8) and a payback period of 2.7 years. . .this is a really impressive PEA."

Peter Epstein
Peter Epstein of Epstein Research speaks with the CEO of a lithium explorer that plans to release a PEA on its Nevada project soon.
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Rick Mills
Rick Mills of Ahead of the Herd discusses why he believes one company that has a large lithium resource estimate for its Nevada deposit is undervalued.
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An independent resource estimate report has been completed and filed on SEDAR; a PEA is expected within a few months for a project that has the potential to be a major supplier of lithium products.
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Peter Epstein, CFA – Epstein Research
Thibaut Lepouttre, Editor Caesars Report
Rick Mills Ahead of the Herd

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