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Asanko Gold Inc.'s vision is to become a midtier gold mining company that maximizes value for all its stakeholders. The company's flagship project is the fully financed, multimillion ounce Asanko gold mine project located in Ghana, West Africa. Asanko is managed by highly skilled and successful technical, operational and financial professionals. The company is strongly committed to the highest standards of environmental management, social responsibility, and health and safety for its employees and neighboring communities.

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"We recently produced some research on junior gold companies, and we found Asanko Gold Inc. looking quite attractive." read more >

Joe Mazumdar, Canaccord Genuity (3/25/15)
"Asanko Gold Inc. ended 2014 with cash and working capital positions of $228, in line with our estimate, and $213M (versus our estimate of $223M). . .the company, according to our estimates, is well funded ($334M) to deliver steady state production. . .construction of phase 1 Obotan is currently 30% complete (end of January 2015) and on track for first gold production by Q1/16, which is in line with our forecast."

"Asanko Gold Inc. in Ghana, is close to a 20% internal rate of return at $1,000/oz gold. . .of the development companies that I follow, Asanko is probably the best suited to transition from development to production because it has a team that has worked together for quite some time. The execution risk here is very low. The contractor that is building the mine, DRA, has built about seven mines already with the Asanko management team. The power infrastructure in Ghana could be an issue but management is working on a contract with an independent power provider with excess capacity in the country so that it has a stable source of power. . .among the developers, Asanko is a no-brainer [as a top pic]. It's fully funded, but it is not trading at the level of its fully funded peers. This valuation discount should start dissipating once the market realizes that development is going smoothly. There is an investor site visit tour scheduled for May. Asanko has a good management team that can derisk this asset and move it to production in Q1/16." read more >

SmallCapPower.com (2/27/15)
"Asanko Gold Inc.'s 10+ Moz Asanko Gold mine in Ghana, West Africa, is expected to begin production in a year's time. Its all-in-sustaining cash cost/oz is forecast to be $781, and the company has about $260 in the bank."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (2/26/15)
"The long-term rebound I foresee in gold prices bodes well for companies like Asanko Gold Inc., which have the ability to turn higher prices into cash flow. With the cash infusion of the recent private placement, I see no major obstacles in the path the company has set for itself. If and when gold takes off again, Asanko Gold should be popular with investors in the ensuing feeding frenzy."

"Asanko Gold Inc. is on the list of likely M&As in 2015. These companies have large, attractive gold deposits and are trading at attractive values relative to the fundamental values of their projects." read more >

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High quality deposit with near-term production and lowest quartile costs
Fully funded to production
Respected management team with track record of delivering shareholder returns
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Completion of mill civil works
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