Clifton Star Resources Inc.

Clifton Star Resources Inc. is a junior mining exploration company with a focus on six properties that have had historic production of gold, silver, copper and nickel. The company's portfolio consists of seven properties, six of them near the Porcupine-Destor Fault in Quebec, one on the Manitoba-Ontario border, and all in Canada.

Expert Comments:

"Clifton Star Resources Inc.'s project is marginal at $1,300/oz gold. It is facing a balloon payment and an extremely low valuation right now so it would definitely benefit from gold jumping back through $1,500/oz." read more >

"Clifton Star Resources Inc. scores just over 50, which is in the top third of our Quebec development companies. Clifton is a very high-risk/high-reward stock. In April, Clifton Star published a prefeasibility study on its Duparquet gold project in northwestern Quebec. At $1,300/oz gold, the after-tax NPV is $135M and the IRR is 12.1% (at a 5% discount rate). For the Duparquet mine to be built, gold will need to be at least $1,500/oz. That means that Clifton Star is one of the most leveraged stocks in our database to the price of gold. Its market cap is only $7M with a deposit that's over 4 Moz, which makes it very cheap. Clifton has $50.2M in payments between December 2014 and December 2017 to own 100% of Duparquet." read more >

"Among companies with advanced deposits, Clifton Star Resources Inc. just completed a prefeasibility study on its Duparquet project in Québec, which concluded that pressure oxidation is the best way to process the ore. . .I recommend it to people who believe that gold is going back to $1,500+/oz. At that price Clifton Star's NPV and IRR increase substantially and the current $15M market valuation will grow by multiples as the junior becomes a buyout target." read more >

Killian Charles, Industrial Alliance Securities (4/11/14)
"Clifton Star Resources Inc. announced its prefeasibility study (PFS) for the Duparquet project. . .we strongly believe the current PFS under-represents the potential at Duparquet. Back-of-the-envelope calculations indicate that the Duparquet project's NPV could increase by roughly $75–100M."

"The results from Clifton Star Resources Inc.'s Duparquet project are pretty encouraging. I estimate that it could have about 3 Moz gold in reserves and could produce 150,000 oz a year. . .Duparquet will likely be a good, smaller mine. The stock could benefit from a joint venture or an acquisition of Clifton Star. . .there's a lot of potential for a major to come in and joint venture or acquire the company. There's been a huge amount of drilling on this deposit. It's considerably derisked. Any issues will be on the mining, recovery and processing side. It's a pretty good deposit. I'm certain that Clifton Star will get some interest from majors on this one." read more >

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