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Alexco Resource Corp. owns 100% of the historic Keno Hill Silver District, located in Canada's Yukon Territory. The Bellekeno silver mine, one of the world's highest grade silver mines with a production grade of up to 1,000 g/t, commenced commercial production at the beginning of calendar year 2011 and was Canada's only operating primary silver mine from 20112013. Alexco plans to return to production by developing its newly discovered deposit, Flame & Moth, one of the largest deposits ever discovered in the District. The prolific and prospective nature of Keno Hill is allowing the company to rapidly explore additional promising, high-grade silver prospects on its other District properties.

Expert Comments:

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (5/15/15)
"Alexco Resource Corp.'s management is well positioned to report positive drill results through 2015E. The company anticipates completing permitting of the Flame & Moth deposit in Q3/15. . .we also believe that while Alexco continues to advance initiatives at Keno Hill that it will seek opportunities to accelerate and expand the reach of Alexco Environmental Group."

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (5/3/15)
"Since acquisition, Alexco Resource Corp. has increased the Keno Hill silver district resource to over 55 Moz silver in the Indicated category, constructed a mine and mill financed by a silver purchase agreement with Silver Wheaton Corp., mined 5.6 Moz silver from the Bellekeno mine and permitted the Lucky Queen and Onek mines. . .drilling targeted at Bermingham is in close proximity to the historical Hector-Calument mine and may significant improve the economics at Keno Hill. . .AEG, the company's environmental business, alone merits a Buy recommendation. . .we remain optimistic that with higher silver prices, and other factors, mining operations at Keno Hill may resume."

Christos Doulis, PI Financial (4/30/15)
"On Apr. 30, Alexco Resource Corp. reported an updated mineral resource for its Flame & Moth and Bermingham deposits within the Keno Hill camp. . .while we are impressed with the resource growth at Flame & Moth and Bermingham, with silver prices currently in the $16/oz range, Keno Hill is likely to remain shuttered for the foreseeable future. . .fortunately, the company's AEG division can continue to keep Alexco viable while it awaits higher silver prices. . .we are increasing our target price to CA$0.95 from CA$0.85."

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (4/8/15)
"Alexco Resource Corp.'s guidance for 2015 includes ongoing growth of environmental business, an update of the resource estimate at the Flame & Moth deposit and completion of an interim resource estimate for the Bermingham deposit plus a 2,000m drill program to expand the Bermingham deposit and fully permit the Flame & Moth mine. After a substantial writedown of assets on its books, the company is selling below book value; we reiterate our Buy rating."

"Alexco Resource Corp., which closed its Bellekeno mine until silver rises above $20/oz, has moved its cost structure way down and could develop its low-cost Flame & Moth asset. . .I was in the audience at a recent conference when the Alexco CEO, Clynton Nauman, gave a presentation about Silver Wheaton and the agreement. I spoke with him at length afterward and came away impressed with what the company has done. It has an option on whether to take that renegotiation or not. If it does, it will be protected on the downside but give up some silver price upside. If it doesn't, it will enable Alexco to handle more risk by doing it alone. It is bringing in several million dollars annually from Alexco Environmental Group, a subsidiary that conducts reclamation work on mining properties. I'm comfortable not only holding my position in Alexco, but adding to it on any price weakness. [Alexco's environmental remediation business] has been very profitable and has a long-term contract with the Yukon government to continue cleaning up the zinc residue at Keno Hill, which was left in quite a mess after decades of silver mining by previous operators." read more >

Christos Doulis, PI Financial (3/27/15)
"Alexco Resource Group's cash and cash equivalents at Dec. 31, 2014 were $18.9M. . .fortunately, the company's AEG division can continue to keep Alexco viable while it awaits higher silver prices. With a backlog of ~$100M of business, AEG has many years of business head of it."

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Christos Doulis, Analyst – PI Financial
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