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Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. is a Canadian mining exploration and development company focused on the active advancement of its 100%-owned Wellgreen PGM-nickel-copper project toward production. Located in Canada's Yukon Territory, the company has one of the largest undeveloped PGM deposits outside southern Africa or Russia. The property is accessed by paved highway leading to year-round deep sea ports in Haines and Skagway, Alaska.

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"Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. has a polymetallic project in the Yukon so large that it is a strategic resource for some big player down the line. I look at Wellgreen as not so much a play on any specific situation in platinum, palladium or nickel, but as a well-run company with a resource that is absolutely world class. It represents one of the few primary PGM projects that is not in a high-risk political regime. At some point, the Wellgreen project will represent a safe, secure, large-scale source of PGMs, and that will have value much greater than what the market is currently assigning to the company." read more >

Heiko Ihle, Rodman & Renshaw (8/17/15)
"The first site visit was to Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.'s namesake Wellgreen project. . .we highlight the meeting with Chief Alatini as relations with the Kluane First Nation remain strong, which we believe is necessary in order to advance the large-scale platinum group metals (PGM) project. . .following an overview of the project, we toured the core shack. . .we were once again impressed at the high-grade nature of reasonably shallow PGM ore. . .we highlight the favorable economics of the project. While we anticipate a reasonably long timeline until the Wellgreen project can enter production, this period of time may allow the firm to take advantage of an expected increase of commodity prices."

Heiko Ihle, Rodman & Renshaw (7/13/15)
"Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.'s Wellgreen project is one of the few large-scale platinum group metal (PGM) projects throughout the world that is located in a mining-friendly jurisdiction. . .we believe the Wellgreen project is a unique PGM project due to its favorable locale and as such are assuming coverage with a Buy. . .we continue to believe the project should be continuously derisked as the firm advances the project to the prefeasibility study level."

"There's been a lot of talk about Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. This project has the potential to become one of the world's largest, low-cost producers of PGMs and nickel from an open pit. It's accessible from the Alaska Highway. A recently released PEA shows that its resource has increased fivefold in less than three years." read more >

"I like Wellgreen Platinum Ltd., formerly known as Prophecy Platinum, in Yukon, which I have visited twice. It's a robust PGM project worthy of attention. . .something that few investors pay attention to and I wish more companies did, is starting production with a smaller operation to get cash flowing and prove to the market that it can be done. There are 175,000 tons of tailings at the Wellgreen project that were left from an earlier operation. Just working these tailings could prove interesting. There's a lot to be said if you can get underway with a smaller operation and then expand." read more >

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (2/27/15)
"Wellgreen Platinum Ltd., which is an advanced stage exploration company, has a considerable amount of platinum group metals, including palladium. However, platinum is more prominent than palladium in the polymetallic Wellgreen project in the Yukon. I still like that project and the company very much."

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