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Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. is a Canadian mining exploration and development company focused on the active advancement of its 100%-owned Wellgreen PGM-nickel-copper project toward production. Located in Canada's Yukon Territory, the company has one of the largest undeveloped PGM deposits outside southern Africa or Russia. The property is accessed by paved highway leading to year-round deep sea ports in Haines and Skagway, Alaska.

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"Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. is about to release a revised PEA on its Wellgreen platinum group metals (PGM)-nickel-copper project in the Yukon. The challenge with that project is that it is so large and so rich that it's tough for a small company to develop on its own. Wellgreen is looking at the economics of a smaller, high-grade operation that makes the case for near-term development. It's almost a must-own project as a strategic asset for a major producer. Most of the world's PGMs are mined in South Africa and Russia, which aren't the most secure regimes. Wellgreen is one of the few significant PGM resources in a stable jurisdiction." read more >

"The Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. project in the Yukon is interesting. [It] is still in the early stages of development. It is a big ore body that's close to surface. All in all, we could probably see production of nickel, copper and platinum at Wellgreen by 20182019. . .if you take the net asset value of the deposit at face value it would be about $4.50/share. I like the management team. I've met with them a number of times. I like the story." read more >

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Large Deposit with Low Mining Costs
Strong Infrastructure
Mining-Friendly Jurisdiction
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