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Red Eagle Mining Corp. is a well-financed gold exploration and development company with an experienced mine-development team. Management is focused on building shareholder value through discovering and developing gold projects with low costs and low technical risks in Colombia, a jurisdiction with prolific historic production but (until recently) limited modern exploration. The company is developing the 100 sq km historic Santa Rosa gold project, located in the Antioquia Batholith. Development will initially commence with the San Ramon gold deposit, where a positive feasibility study supports project advancement. Project financing and permitting are currently underway.

Expert Comments:

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (7/17/15)
"Excellent news from Red Eagle Mining Corp. today, as the company announced it signed an agreement with several parties to raise a total of $19M in equity, which was a requirement to finalize the debt facility offered by Orion Mine Financing and Liberty Metals and Mining. . .this fully permitted mining project is now also fully financed, and this should undoubtedly attract the CB Gold Inc. shareholders that can still tender their shares to Red Eagle."

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (7/1/15)
"Unsurprisingly, Red Eagle Mining Corp., after being rebuffed by CB Gold Inc.'s management team, has decided to take the matter in its own hands and will mail all CB Gold's shareholders the takeover bid circular as well as the offer documents outlining the specifics of the potential transaction. . .the company's offer will be confirmed if 51% of CB Gold's shares will be tendered, and this doesn't seem to be an unsurmountable hurdle."

"Red Eagle Mining Corp., which is coming close to production in Colombia with an incredibly high economic project, could be a [buyout] target. It is fully permitted and fully in construction of a very high-grade gold mine. It is also in acquisition mode. Next week, CB Gold Inc. shareholders will vote on an all-share offer Red Eagle made to merge those two companies." read more >

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (6/19/15)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. made an all-share offer to acquire all outstanding shares at a ratio of 0.162 new shares of Red Eagle per old share of CB Gold Inc. . .we truly believe a merger between Red Eagle Mining and CB Gold would be a great fit. A very interesting exploration property (Vetas) being managed by the only management team that has been able to get a gold mine in Colombia permitted (Red Eagle) should bring lots of advantages, and a merger between both companies might be a great first step toward a midtier South America-focused gold producer."

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (5/27/15)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. has made amazing progress. . .according to its feasibility study, the company will mine an average of 50 Koz for an eight-year mine life, but those numbers are totally deceptive. [CEO] Ian Slater's goal has always been to get into production as soon as possible and to expand mine life and production out of cash flow rather than to build as big a resource as possible by continuing to tap the market for exploration dollars. Given the disaster that has been the mainstay for exploration companies since 2011, this plan is brilliant. . .the shares are cheap and reflect a lottery ticket where you already know most of the number and can guess the rest."

"I recently visited Red Eagle Mining Corp.'s Santa Rosa project in Colombia and I liked what I saw. There were paved roads from Medellin to close to Red Eagle's camp, about 8km away, with a decent dirt road connecting the base camp with the paved road. The team at Santa Rosa has worked hard to gain approval from the local community. About half of the capital requirements and 90% of the operating expenditures for Santa Rosa are in Colombian pesos, which has lost about 20% of its value versus the U.S. dollar since the feasibility study was published. That should allow Red Eagle to shave off about $5M from its initial capital requirements, and its all-in sustaining costs at Santa Rosa could be less than $700/oz. Orion Mine Finance put $65M into the project on the condition that Red Eagle raises another $15M. I expect that to happen in the next few weeks. The company is eager to start building its processing plant. . .Red Eagle has all the community support it needs and is fully permitted. It's going to be an underground mine. That means there won't be any scars on the landscape because this is not your typical low-grade, open-pit copper-gold project in Colombia. The impact will be minimal. It's also a case study for the Colombian government because it wants to show its foreign investors that mining works in Colombia." read more >

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Brent Cook, Analyst, Geologist Exploration Insights
Adrian Day, Founder – Adrian Day Asset Management
Oliver Gross, Chief Editor and Analyst Der Rohstoff-Anleger
Ash Guglani, Analyst – Salman Partners
Jeb Handwerger, Author Gold Stock Trades
Tommy Humphreys, Author – CEO.CA
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Thibaut Lepouttre, Editor Caesars Report
Joe Mazumdar, Sr. Analyst – Canaccord Genuity
Bob Moriarty, Author 321 Energy , 321 Gold
Björn Paffrath, Director – Stabilitas-Fonds
Jordan Roy-Byrne, Editor/CMT The Daily Gold
Rick Rule, Chairman – Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.

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