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Red Eagle Mining is a well-financed gold exploration and development corporation with an experienced mine-development team. Management is focused on building shareholder value through discovering and developing gold projects with low costs and low technical risks in Colombia, a jurisdiction with prolific historic production but until recently limited modern exploration. Red Eagle Mining is developing the 100 square kilometre historic Santa Rosa Gold Project located in the Antioquia Batholith. Construction is underway at the fully permitted and fully financed San Ramon Gold Mine with production expected to commence during the second half of 2016.

Expert Comments:

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (1/31/18)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. restarted the Santa Rosa mill at the beginning of this month, as the company felt comfortable with the size of its stockpile. The development of the underground San Ramon mine is still ongoing with a total of almost 5,300m having been completed in 2017, which resulted in the completion of 18 working attack ramps."

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (12/29/17)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. plans to start the San Ramon mill up again in January as it has spent the past few quarters focusing on aggressively developing its underground mine to ensure a sufficient amount of stopes will be opened before the mill will be restarted. . .the company now anticipates having a total stockpile of 21 Kt ore by the time the mill will be restarted, and this stockpile, combined with the higher number of open production faces, should ensure the mill remains running at full capacity (1 Ktpd)."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (7/26/17)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. shares are back down at 2015 levels in terms of straight price. . .so buying today means getting in at essentially the same level as before the mine was built, but today you are buying a processing plant worth $64M plus 4 km of mine workings, plus the intangible values of a trained workforce, a supportive community and extensive geologic knowledge now being applied to exploration. Based on that rationale, the company is a Buy at current levels."

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (6/16/17)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp., the parent company and currently the owner of 90% of the shares in Red Eagle Exploration, is one of the shining moments of the last 15 years. It succeeded in Colombia in spite of all of the tripwires and mine fields in front of it during a period when 90% of the juniors in Colombia blew up; as a result, the company managed to pick up some giant-in-potential land packages which it spun off into Red Eagle Exploration."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (5/30/17)
"Given the success of the stope delineation drill campaign, which returned consistently higher grades than in the resource model and hit veins where expected pretty much every time, I am not concerned about the gold being there at Red Eagle Mining Corp.'s Santa Rosa mine. The market just needs the mine to get through its growing pains before rewarding its achievement. . .even if all-in costs creep up, the baseline was so low at US$671 per oz. that Santa Rosa should make very good money regardless. . .recommendation Buy;Medium risk($0.65)."

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (5/3/17)
"Ian Slater and Bob Bell and the rest of the [Red Eagle Mining Corp.] crew have a franchise in Colombia. They have learned how to work with the government and how to move a mining project to production in the least time at the least cost."

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Thibaut Lepouttre, Editor Caesars Report
Bob Moriarty, Author 321 Gold
Gwen Preston, Founder Resource Maven

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