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Excelsior Mining Corp. is developing the world’s largest low-cost in-situ copper project within the copper porphyry belt of Arizona. Based on an initial production rate of 110Mlb/year and a US$2.75/lb copper price, the prefeasibility study indicates an after-tax NPV7.5 of US$826M, an IRR of 44.7% and a payback period of just 2.4 years. Total initial capital expenditures are estimated at US$284.84M with an average life-of-mine direct operating cost of just US$0.69/lb. These metrics are amongst the lowest per pound capital and operating costs for copper projects in the world.

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Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst (4/15/15)
"Now that we are into Q2/15, we should begin to see results of Excelsior Mining Corp.'s individual feasibility studies start to flow. . .given the large gap between the company's current market value and the net present value in the prefeasibility study, there is plenty of upside even if all the feasibility results are not as strong as the current estimates. In addition to ongoing technical work, management is stepping up its marketing efforts. This is a very salable story, in my opinion."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (4/8/15)
"Excelsior Mining Corp., our copper in-situ-recovery copper development story in Arizona, just hired Shawn Westcott to talk the stock. . .the company needs help on the promotion front and has found the perfect guy to do it. Excelsior is in a "boring" part of the exploration-development process. The company is busy advancing hydrology studies and infill drilling and metallurgical programs. It is precisely what is needed to inform the feasibility study that will illustrate to the market how awesome Gunnison is as a copper development asset."

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst (3/31/15)
"Excelsior Mining Corp. continues to be valued at a tiny fraction of the NPV reported in last year's prefeasibility study; if the final feasibility number reports economics in the same range, there is a lot of room for this stock to move. I continue to see it as one of the more obvious buys in the junior space."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/26/15)
"Feasibility work is ongoing at Excelsior Mining Corp.'s Gunnison, with data collection expected to wrap up later in Q2/15. . .with an excellent chance of becoming a mine, Gunnison and the company look like good bets on the long-term demand for copper. Excelsior is a Buy."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (2/26/15)
"I added Excelsior Mining Corp. to our list last year because its plan to use in-situ leaching to mine copper at Gunnison allows the company to move forward with a scalable production model, one that should allow it to tailor the project size to the amount of financing currently available in the market. It's still a buy."

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst (2/12/15)
"Excelsior Mining Corp. expects to report an updated resource for Gunnison in Q2/15. . .barring unexpected surprises, the company is extremely undervalued relative to the NPV of Gunnison. . .it's a Buy at current levels."

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