Rye Patch Gold Corp.

Rye Patch Gold Corp. is a Nevada-focused and discovery-driven company seeking to build a sizeable inventory of gold and silver resource assets in the mining friendly state of Nevada, U.S. The company's seasoned management team is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of quality resource-based gold and silver projects. Rye Patch Gold US Inc. controls over 75 sq km (30 sq miles) along the Oreana Trend located in west-central Nevada, and is developing gold and silver resources along this emerging trend. In east-central Nevada, Rye Patch Gold US Inc. is exploring 66 sq km along the prolific Cortez Trend near Barrick's new gold discovery. The company has established gold and silver resource milestones and time frames in order to build a premier resource development company.

Expert Comments:

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (11/3/15)
"Rye Patch Gold Corp. has once again mobilized a drill rig to drill an additional 12 holes for a total of approximately 1,500m at the Lincoln Hill gold project. The company will test the mineralization at Gold Ridge which is located less than 2 km away from the Lincoln Hill resource; it will be aiming to develop Gold Ridge as some sort of satellite deposit that could provide additional ore for the Lincoln Hill mining and processing operations."

Ben Kramer-Miller, miningWEALTH (11/3/15)
"We think investors overlook the potential at Rye Patch Gold Corp.'s Lincoln Hill project, due to its relatedly low ore grade and the current estimated deposit size. The former is counteracted by the deposit's low strip ratio, the fact that it is near-surface, and the fact that a few key high-grade zones can be mined first so that the project's payback period is very short. The current deposit can be expanded, and the company focused its recent exploration efforts on better understanding and potentially expanding the deposit."

"Rye Patch Gold Corp. It lifted off in the spring but then came back down. The company is concentrating now on derisking its Lincoln Hill gold-silver project. It is doing metallurgical studies on a 10-ton bulk sample with a view to optimizing a mining plan. Lincoln Hill is right next to Coeur Mining's Rochester property, so Coeur might decide to take it out in order to extend Rochester's mine life." read more >

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (9/16/15)
"Lincoln Hill's access to existing infrastructure makes Rye Patch Gold Corp. interesting. . .we are convinced the key to unlocking additional value is in the metallurgical test work, which is currently being conducted. If the company would be able to increase the gold recovery to 85% using a crusher, the effect on the NPV will be huge considering an additional 35 Koz gold could be produced at just a marginal extra cost."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (9/11/15)
"Rye Patch Gold Corp. has filed a demand for arbitration with Coeur Mining, claiming Coeur shorted it on its Q1/14 payment of royalties from the Rochester mine. . .if successful and the attendant legal fees don't drain any ruling of its value, the extra cash will help the company continue to pursue exploration and development on its nearby Lincoln Hill property. Regardless of the ruling, Rye Patch will continue to receive more royalty payments from its net smelter royalty on Rochester. That non-dilutive source of cash, combined with a portfolio of intriguing Nevada projects, makes Rye Patch a solid speculation at current levels."

"Rye Patch Gold Corp.'s Carlin Trend Patty project is a high-potential exploration project. But more importantly to me, a lot of people are not giving Rye Patch credit for its progress toward production. It also benefits from royalty income from its agreement with Coeur Mining, which essentially means it can keep progressing toward production without any share dilution. Rye Patch is a great company for investors who want to buy and hold. It affords exposure to an economically sound project with proven resources. Investors just have to wait for the market to come back to reward them." read more >

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Ralph Aldis, Portfolio Manager, Gold and Natural Resources – U.S. Global Investors
Frank Holmes, Chairman – U.S. Global Investors
Thibaut Lepouttre, Editor Caesars Report
Brien Lundin, Author Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)
Björn Paffrath, Director – Stabilitas-Fonds
Matthew Sheppard, Equity Research Analyst – Jacob Securities

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