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Medallion Resources Ltd. is rethinking rare earths. Headed by Dr. Bill Bird and supported by an experienced technical team, the company is well positioned to identify and exploit the world's most promising rare earth opportunities. Medallion's strategy is to target large deposits amenable to straightforward, low-cost mining and metallurgical processes that lead to near-term rare earth production and long-term, low-cost supply. The company is committed to following best practices and accepted international standards in all aspects of mining, mineral processing and the safe management of waste materials.

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"I follow Medallion Resources Ltd., a rare earth elements company. . .Medallion has an interesting angle on rare earth production: it's a REE separation play. Separating REE from monazite is a known process and the company is working with potential customers to process REE at a facility that would cost $15–18M to build. If it can secure supply agreements with certain firms, Medallion could generate $30–35M annually processing REE. Medallion is a speculative play at $0.06/share. It's a good one to keep an eye on." read more >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (12/11/14)
"Recently, Medallion Resources Ltd. announced that it had begun lab-scale extraction tests on monazite from a producer that Medallion is currently considering using as a source of feedstock. The extraction testing on this monazite will go a long way in determining how to best commercialize the company's rare earths strategy. . .in spite of the slow-moving nature of this story, I am still enamored with Medallion's long-term prospects."

Nick Wells, Rare Earth Investing News (11/2/14)
"As the rare earths market looks to settle following this summer's World Trade Organization ruling on China, focus is shifting to companies looking to produce rare earths outside that nation. We recently had the chance to speak with Don Lay, president and CEO of Medallion Resources Ltd., a company that is looking to do exactly that. In the interview he explains Medallion's unique approach to the rare earths market—processing monazite—also touching on what monazite is and why he believes so strongly in it."

Vertus Equity Research (9/17/14)
"Medallion Resources Ltd. securing a long-term feedstock contract would immediately catapult the company into the feasibility stage and trigger a rerating; at that time, depending on the size of the resource, we would expect to see it trading at multiples of its current value. We assign a high probability to Medallion securing a feedstock contract."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (7/11/14)
"Medallion Resources Ltd. has raised gross proceeds of CA$700K by placing the first tranche of a financing designed to raise as much as CA$1M. . .the company will use the money to continue to pursue its monazite rare earths concept. . .the cash injection buys the company time, both to refine its vision for a monazite processing facility and to find a supplier for the raw material to feed the plant. I still like this company as a long-term (and, potentially, highly profitable) way to play the rare earths story."

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