NOVAGOLD is a well-financed precious metals company engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in North America. The company is focused on permitting and developing its 50%-owned flagship property, Donlin Gold, one of the world's largest known undeveloped gold deposits. The Donlin Gold project commenced permitting in 2012, a clearly defined process expected to take approximately four years. NOVAGOLD is also committed to maximizing value of its non-core assets and is currently exploring opportunities to sell its interest in the Galore Creek copper-gold-silver project in British Columbia, Canada.

Expert Comments:

"One company that Bob Moriarty thinks gets the 'buy low, sell high' idea is NOVAGOLD. 'This was a $0.09 stock in the summer of 2001. The company did a joint venture deal in Alaska with Placer Dome that required it to spend $6M in eight years. NOVAGOLD did all the work in 18 months and ended with a $20 stock. That's exactly the kind of aggressive company you want to look for right now,' Moriarty says." read more >

"NOVAGOLD has $130M in cash to advance its Donlin gold project in Alaska. We quite like NOVAGOLD." read more >

Jefferson Research (10/30/15)
"NOVAGOLD is showing strong earnings quality and operating efficiency, and valuation suggests a lower amount of price risk. . .the earnings quality for the company remains strongest."

"NOVAGOLD: Permitting is taking place. It's definitely a sign of progress. It is not a market-moving kind of event, but it's necessary. I look at NOVAGOLD as an option on the gold price. We know it has the ability to produce half a million ounces a year. That's enormous. If you went to UBS or Morgan Stanley and tried to get a 10-year call on gold prices, first of all, they'd laugh at you, but if they did actually give you a quote, it would be very expensive. If you compare that to what you get with NOVAGOLD, it's a perpetual call on the gold price with what could be one of the world-class gold mining assets, but it won't get built until the gold price is right. read more >

Jefferson Research (10/16/15)
"NOVAGOLD is showing strong earnings quality and operating efficiency, and valuation suggests a lower amount of price risk. . .with an adjusted net income of $5.0M in the last quarter that was greater than the reported number, the company's quality of net income earnings is extremely high. . .the rating for NOVAGOLD is already a Strongest, the best possible rating. . .the operating efficiency rating for NOVAGOLD remains Strong. . .the stock's valuation rating remains a Least Risk."

Stephen Walker, RBC Capital Markets (10/6/15)
"NovaGold still expects to file the Donlin draft environmental impact statement (EIS) around year-end 2015, which will trigger a five-month period for public comment before the final EIS is submitted. . .we forecast sufficient financial capacity for the company to fund the Donlin gold project through receipt of the final EIS permit in 2017."

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John Bridges, Analyst – J.P. Morgan
Adrian Day, Founder – Adrian Day Asset Management
Doug Groh, Senior Research Analyst – Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.
John Hathaway, Senior Managing Director – Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.
Brad Mills, Fund Manager/CEO – Plinian Capital
Bob Moriarty, Author 321 Gold
Raj Ray, Analyst – National Bank of Canada
Philip Richards, Fund Manager – RAB Capital Limited
Stephen Walker, Analyst – RBC Capital Markets

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High-grade deposits with excellent production profiles and exploration upside
Safest leverage to gold, assets located in top-rated mining jurisdictions
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