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Adrian Day, London born and a graduate of the London School of Economics, is the editor of Adrian Day's Global Analyst. His latest book is "Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks."

Recent Articles about Altius Minerals Corp.

Investors Move Toward Gold 04/10/2024

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks for signs that investors are finally turning to gold, and provides an update on developments at a couple of stocks on his list.

What To Do with a Crown Jewel? 03/20/2024

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews year-end financials from the last of his companies to report, as well as looks at other news. Since both of these companies both core holdings for him had previously pre-announced certain metrics, financial results came in as expected.

Double-Digit Yields Available 02/14/2024

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews recent earnings from some high-yielding stocks, domestic and foreign, as well as looks at recent developments at a few resource companies on his list. He notes that the recent decline in resource stocks presents several buying opportunities.

Barrick Misses Again, With Higher Costs 01/31/2024

Several resource companies provided preliminary fourth-quarter results, with mostly misses on guidance (notwithstanding higher production), higher costs, and weak outlooks for 2024. Global Analyst Adrian Day believes market reactions were overdone, however, making for some very good buys.

Gold Stocks Watch: Earnings Season Brings Volatility 11/17/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day notes that recent earnings reports from gold and precious metals companies reflected lower production and higher costs amid macroeconomic uncertainty. However, strong balance sheets position leading royalty companies to acquire assets.

Developments Overshadow Results for Resource Companies 11/15/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews developments at several resource companies on his list. Although there has been some negative news and disappointing quarterly results, Day believes many exciting potential developments are ahead.

Nestle Sees Real Growth Down, on a Strong Swiss Franc 10/25/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at seemingly weak results from two of his core holdings, in each case with a brighter outlook and an opportunity to buy.

Two Must-Own Companies With a Shared Asset 09/06/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at two of his favorite companies, both of which have royalties on the same asset.

Lower Revenues for Altius, but Outlook Positive 07/26/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day provides brief updates on two of his favorite resource companies. He also looks at very disturbing activity by banks in England, which he believes is a foretaste of what we can expect once Central Bank Digital Currencies come into force.

Osisko's Stock Run-up Justified by Growth Ahead 05/17/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day looks at quarterly financials from some of his favorite resource companies. Most had pre-released production, so there were not so many surprises but some insights. There are a few Buys among them.

Gold Correction Underway, but Likely Short Lived 04/26/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management takes a brief look at the gold market, plus gives an update on recent developments from three resource companies.

Growth Ahead for Altius, Agnico, Fortuna, and Kingsmen 03/17/2023

As the investment world focuses on banks from Silicon Valley to Credit Suisse, Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management catches up on developments at a few more of the companies on his list.

Stocks, the Dollar and Gold Whipsawed on Fed Outlook 02/07/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day discusses last week’s market action, as well as covers recent results and other developments at several of the companies on his list.

Trouble in Tropics for Fortuna and Franco 01/09/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management discusses updates at some companies, including two experiencing difficulties with local governments. Day believes such incidents often provide opportunities.

Gold and Silver Hold Their Own Among Market Carnage 01/03/2023

The first contributor opinion of the year, Adrian Day reviews the year just ended and looks ahead for where to invest in 2023.

Franco's Largest Asset Is at Risk 12/19/2022

Today, expert Adrian Day gives updates on developments affecting several of his favorite companies, mostly positive but with one potentially damaging piece of news.

Diversification Pays off for Franco Once Again 11/21/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews quarterly financials from several resource companies. Most are doing well, though costs are rising. But given recent rallies in stock prices, Day suggests, for the most part, holding rather than buying more.

Six Resource Companies You Should Pay Attention To 10/24/2022

Several resource companies on expert Adrian Day's list have reported their production numbers for the third quarter, with some positive surprises, though costs are rising.

Expert Says, 'Royalties Have Advantage During Price Inflation' 08/11/2022

More resource companies released quarterly earnings, but since in all cases production and other items had been pre-released, there were few surprises for expert Adrian Day.

Franco and Royal Make Major Investments 07/25/2022

Expert Adrian Day discusses recent purchases from two royalty companies, as well as preliminary quarterly reports from several gold companies that he considers top buys right now.

Altius Invests in Lara Exploration 07/11/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews updates at some of his favorite companies, including most recently the news between Altius Minerals Corp. and Lara Exploration Ltd.'s relationship.

Iron Ore Company Has Many Opportunities for Growth 05/31/2022

Altius Minerals appears to have numerous growth opportunities under its belt. Expert Adrian Day goes over the latest updates and some news in other promising resource companies.

Gold Pullback Creates an 'Opportunity to Buy' 05/24/2022

Adrian Day recaps the recent news at some of his favorite resource companies, noting several good buys that emerged after the recent sector pullback.

Gold Holds Steady, Analyst Says You Should Too 04/26/2022

Gold rush or gold bust? Editor of Adrian Day’s Global Analyst, Adrian Day reviews rising opportunities and developments in gold stock.