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Alexco Resource Corp.


Alexco Resource Corp. owns 100% of the historic Keno Hill Silver District, located in Canada's Yukon Territory. The Bellekeno silver mine, one of the world's highest grade silver mines with a production grade of up to 1,000 g/t, commenced commercial production at the beginning of calendar year 2011 and was Canada's only operating primary silver mine from 20112013. Alexco plans to return to production by developing its newly discovered deposit, Flame & Moth, one of the largest deposits ever discovered in the District. The prolific and prospective nature of Keno Hill is allowing the company to rapidly explore additional promising, high-grade silver prospects on its other District properties.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Heiko Ihle, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (12/23/14) "Alexco Resources Corp. announced an updated PEA for the Keno Hill Silver District in the Yukon Territory. . .the updated mine plan includes the impact of the revised Silver Wheaton streaming agreement and incrementally adds to overall anticipated silver production from the area. . .we remain optimistic that in addition to increasing resources at Flame & Moth, Alexco could continue to expand overall resources in the Keno Hill District through continued exploratory activities through 2015. . .the updated PEA represents a strong step in the right direction toward bringing the Keno Hill District back into production."

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (11/20/14) "Alexco Resources Corp. continues to methodically build value despite a decline in silver prices and adverse market conditions for mining stocks. We reiterate our Buy rating."

H.C. Wainwright & Co. (11/20/14) "We are maintaining our Buy recommendation on Alexco Resource Corp. . .we remain optimistic on the prospects of the Keno Hill district as a whole and expect exploration drilling to continue notwithstanding the lower silver price environment. We highlight the company's incremental free cash flow from its Alexco Environmental Group business, which provides cash flow while mining operations at Bellekeno remain suspended."

Christos Doulis, PI Financial (11/17/14) "On Nov. 13, Alexco released its Q3/14 financial results. . .highlights include: Alexco Environmental Group (AEG) revenues of $4.6M and gross profit of $1.8M; completion of a bought deal in August 2014 for gross proceeds of $7.2M; extension of the date for the required US$20M payment to Silver Wheaton to revise the terms of the Silver Stream Agreement by one year to Dec. 31, 2015; extension of the 400 tpd throughput test at Keno Hill to Dec. 31, 2016. . .Alexco's AEG division continues to generate sufficient cash to keep the company's lights on."

Heiko Ihle, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (11/17/14) "Alexco Resource Corp.'s Alexco Environmental Group division reported revenues of $4.6M and gross profit of $1.8M. . .completion of a bought deal in August 2014 for gross proceeds of $7.2M."

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Heiko Ihle, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (11/4/14) "On Nov. 3, 2014, Alexco Resource Corp. announced an extension to its pending change of its silver streaming agreement with Silver Wheaton Corp. . .the timeline for this has now been extended to Dec. 31, 2015. We continue to believe the amended Silver Wheaton agreement should allow Alexco to return to profitable operations once metals prices rebound."

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (11/3/14) "Alexco Resource Corp. reported that Silver Wheaton Corp. has agreed to extend the deadline for the amendment to the silver purchase agreement from Dec. 31, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2015. . .in addition, Alexco was successful in extending the mill completion test to Dec. 31, 2016. In our opinion, this places the company immediately in a better position to recommence production at Keno Hill at the optimal time rather than be compelled by agreement dates."

The Gold Report Interview with Christos Doulis (9/22/14) "Alexco Resource Corp. is a Canadian silver company that owns the past-producing Bellekeno silver mine in the Yukon. . .the company put Bellekeno back into production in January 2011 against a backdrop of strong silver prices and delivered some good results. But as the silver price cratered, the company faced significant challenges and the mine shut down in 2013. Now the company wants to restart it. What's different given that silver prices are still weak? A new deposit called Flame & Moth, which is adjacent to the mill. This deposit should allow Alexco to run its 400 tpd mill at capacity, thereby lowering its unit per ton costs. . .the mill is already built and the district is robust." More >

Christos Doulis, PI Financial (9/10/14) "Alexco Resource Corp. has devised a plan to fill the Keno Hill district mill and has renegotiated the terms of its streaming agreement with Silver Wheaton Corp. that could support a restart of the mill in mid-2015 at current silver prices. . .while the company is trading in line with its peers, we believe it deserves a premium multiple due to the prospectivity of Keno Hill. . .we are initiating coverage on Alexco with a Buy recommendation."

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (9/8/14) "Alexco Resource Corp. is amending its agreement with Silver Wheaton Corp. to become a low-cost producer of silver. An expanded mining operation at Keno Hill may rival the length of activity of earlier operators, which lasted for decades. We are initiating coverage with a Buy rating."

John Kratochwil, Canaccord Genuity (8/26/14) "Alexco Resource Corp. announced the closing of the CA$7M financing; issuing 6.1M units at a price of CA$1.15/unit for gross proceeds of CA$7.015M. . .the completion of the raise allows the company to move forward on initial work required to restart operations at Keno Hill."

The Gold Report Interview with Doug Loud (7/23/14) "Alexco Resource Corp. and its Eastern Keno Hill Silver District are run by some really smart guys. The company used to pay Air Canada about $600K yearly to fly its workers in and out. It has solved that problem and has gotten other costs under control, as well. Additionally, there's a lot of zinc up at Keno Hill, and if zinc comes back, it will be a very profitable project. . .I think the Bellekeno mine is coming along very nicely. And Alexco has found a wonderful new site called Flame & Moth. . .the company will have two major production areas going. If it produces, for the sake of argument, 3 Moz silver a year, it could well do 6 Moz zinc. Alexco also has its environmental recovery division. There are an awful lot of big companies that have bought a lot of little companies over the years, and they've got a whole bunch of little mines that maybe weren't cleaned up the way they should have been. Alexco is poised to profit from that." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Mike Niehuser (12/4/13) "Alexco Resource Corp. in the Yukon recently suspended operations but is working to reopen as a considerably different project. The centrally located mill is expected to be fed by two additional large or high-grade silver mines, which should bring the mill to capacity. With increasing silver prices alongside gold, this will be a remarkably different mine. Alexco also has a unique environmental business, which will cover a lot of overhead until the mine reopens." More >

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