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Silver and Gold Co. in Mexico About To Become Producer

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Within a year, it aims to restart the past-producing Mexican mine it acquired just last year. Learn why experts recommend investing in this Vancouver-based firm.

Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. (SM:TSX.V; SMDRF:OTCQX) is working to secure a total of US$6 million (US$6M) of financing it plans to use to commence production at the La Guitarra project in Mexico it acquired last year, the company said. It expects to have the financing completed by the end of quarter 1, 2024.

"Given the [Sierra Madre] team's financing capabilities and background, we don't believe [raising the money] will be a big issue," Carlisle Kane, editor/publisher of The Equedia Letter, wrote in a November 2023 article. "Collectively, this team has raised over US$1 billion for mining companies."

Robust Asset and Project Portfolio

This Canadian precious metals explorer and developer has three projects, all in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Mexico: La Guitarra, Tepic, and La Tigra, Analyst Bereket Berhe described in a November research report. His firm, Beacon Securities, initiated research coverage on Sierra Madre.

"We view Sierra Madre as more than just a developer of one mine. Sierra Madre and its team now have a vehicle that is capable of substantial organic growth and through more acquisitions," Berhe wrote.

The company is focused mainly on getting La Guitarra up and running as a low-risk undertaking, and it is close to achieving it.

"Given the [Sierra Madre] team's financing capabilities and background, we don't believe [raising the money] will be a big issue," Carlisle Kane, editor/publisher of The Equedia Letter, wrote.

The mine, which historically produced about 1,000,000−1,500,000 ounces of silver equivalent per year (1−1.5 Moz Ag eq/year), is already fully permitted, infrastructure is in place, and the processing facility, working and easily expandable, has a 500 tonne per day capacity, Kane wrote. Sierra Madre is actively reviewing avenues to increase that.

"Sierra Madre believes, with the right upgrades, it can hit upwards of 2 Moz Ag eq/year, equal to US$46 million (US$46M) in annual revenue at US$23/oz silver," noted Kane. "There's even an opportunity to double that production again."

La Guitarra has a resource estimate that Sierra Madre expanded and updated in November 2023, Berhe wrote. The new total resource is 47.3 Moz Ag eq, up from about 17 Moz previously under First Majestic. The Indicated resource is 27.2 Moz Ag eq, a 373% increase from 7.4 Moz before. The Inferred resource is 20.2 Moz Ag eq, up 204% from 10 Moz.

Thibaut Lepouttre, editor of Caesars Report, wrote in a November article, "Coming out of the gate with almost 50 Moz Ag eq with in excess of half those ounces in the higher quality Indicated resource category feels like a flying start."

Plus, La Guitarra offers exploration upside potential, noted Berhe.

Kane pointed out that Sierra Madre also has a permitted tailings facility, containing 2,000,000−2,500,000 tonnes of 30−40 grams per tonne (30−40 g/t) silver plus 0.4−0.6 g/t gold. The company could reprocess the tailings if it could get a permit to do so.

Sierra Madre is run by seasoned industry vets with extensive knowledge of mining and operating in Mexico. They have major involvement in managing the exploration and development of, collectively, more than 600 Moz silver combined resources and reserves.

"It's extremely rare to find a junior company that has the potential to achieve commercial production in such a short amount of time," wrote Kane.

Silver Market Favorable for Miners

Silver experienced a global supply-demand deficit in 2023 for the third consecutive year, in part due to heavier-than-projected demand for use in photovoltaic panels, wrote Chen Lin in the recent article, "2023: The Dawn of the Silver Boom." Lin writes the What is Chen buying? What is Chen selling? newsletter and is a Streetwise contributor.

Demand for the metal is on the rise, particularly in three industries. In solar energy, the next generation of photovoltaic panels is going to need 25−150% more silver for greater efficiency, according to The Silver Institute's World Silver Survey 2023. In industrials (vehicles and consumer electronics), silver demand for soldering and brazing in new vehicles is forecasted to increase 23% by 2030.

According to Berhe, near-term cash producer Sierra Madre was undervalued and is still trading near the acquisition value of La Guitarra despite having grown the resource and done work to re-commence the operation. Thus, Beacon rated it a Speculative Buy.

For 5G technology (semiconductor chips, cabling, microelectromechanical systems, and Internet of Things-connected devices), silver demand is projected to double this year alone.

All of this need for the metal points to "a structural silver shortage for decades to come," Lin wrote. A silver undersupply generally leads to higher silver prices.

Also supporting silver is the slight drop in treasury yields expected this year, Haywood Securities indicated in a January 2024 research report.

Technical Analyst Bruce Powers at FXEmpire predicted a 2024 high for the silver price of US$34.43 per ounce in a December 29, 2023 article. The price now is about US$23.12 per ounce.

In a January 15, 2024 article, Powers wrote silver has been consolidating for about the past eight months, and signs indicate the phase may be ending, and a developing uptrend will follow.

This StockCharts graph shows silver poised to start rising soon.

The Catalyst: Mining Restart

The major catalyst on the horizon for Sierra Madre's stock is the company taking the La Guitarra mine off of care and maintenance and getting it running within a year. 

"The faster you produce, the less dilution shareholders experience," Kane noted.

In the interim, completion of a mine restart plan to include economics, expected in late Q1/ early Q2 2024, should lead to a rerating of the share price, Berhe wrote.

Other catalysts are progress on readying the La Guitarra operation for restart and progress on its tailings project.

According to Berhe, near-term cash producer Sierra Madre was undervalued and is still trading near the acquisition value of La Guitarra despite having grown the resource and done work to re-commence the operation. Thus, Beacon rated it a Speculative Buy.

Technical Analyst Clive Maund also recommended investors buy and stay long in Sierra Madre in his August 2023 report. At the time, he indicated, based on its recent and historical patterns, the stock seemed "well-placed to advance anew, especially, of course, if the sector starts to advance as it looks set to."

At Sierra Madre's current share price, Kane pointed out, new investors in the company today "are arguably paying for the La Guitarra mine at a steeply discounted price. . .In other words, silver and Sierra Madre are effectively on sale."

Lin recently said now was a good time to invest in silver equities.

Overall, according to these experts, Sierra Madre is a compelling investment opportunity given it is undervalued, it is about to become a producer by restarting a historically producing mine in a favorable jurisdiction, its team is savvy with a solid track record, silver demand is increasing and the metal's price is expected to, therefore, rise.

streetwise book logoStreetwise Ownership Overview*

Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. (SM:TSX.V; SMDRF:OTCQX)

*Share Structure as of 12/26/2023

Ownership and Share Structure

According to Sierra Madre, its largest owner is First Majestic Silver, with 69,000,000 (69M) shares for a 47.7% strategic interest.

Institutions own 11.1% of the shares. One of them, Commodity Capital AG, holds 1.31% or 1.95M shares.

Management and founders hold 21.1%.  

According to Reuters, these insiders are Sierra Madre President and CEO Alexander Langer with 2.01% or 2.99M shares, Executive Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Gregory K. Liller with 1.83% or 2.72M shares, Lead Director Jorge Ramiro Monroy with 1.36% or 2.02M shares, Director and Country Manager Alejandro Caraveo with 1.19% or 1.77M shares, Corporate Secretary Kerry Melbourne Spong with 0.44% or 0.66M shares and Director Gregory F. Smith with 0.17% or 0.25M shares.

Retail investors own the remaining 20.1% of shares.

Sierra Madre has 149.12M outstanding shares and 69.51M free float shares. The company's market cap is CA$44M, and its 52-week trading range CA$0.28−0.74 per share.

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